Summary: This is the first of several messages from a verse by verse series through the Old Testament book of Malachi

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It’s All About Love

Malachi 1:1-5

I. God Declares His Perfect Love to His People (v. 1-2)

A. God loves because it is His nature

I. God’s love is shown in Creation

II. God’s love is shown in His grace

B. God’s love is sovereign

I. He chose Israel in spite of them

II. He reveals His love to all men

III. He loves us without our earning it

C. God’s love is a covenant love

I. God’s love is an abiding love

II. God’s love is an eternal love

II. God Love is Perfect in Judgment (v. 3-4)

A. Esau’s judgment began with a bad decision

I. He despised his birthright

II. He despised the gift that would have been freely His

B. Esau’s judgment led to a futile life

I. A picture of an poverty rather than abundance

II. A picture dissatisfaction

III. A picture of a cursed people

C. Esau’s judgment was final

I. Due to spiritual blindness

II. Due to God’s perfect justice

III. Due to God’s total aversion to sin

III. God’s Love Can Be Declared Through You (v. 5)

When We Experience God’s Saving Love We:

A. Our eyes are opened to the things of God

1. Our eyes are opened to God’s grace

2. Our eyes are opened to the truths of God’s word

3. Our life is characterized by God’s love

B. Our mouth will declare His love

1. It is an issue of obedience

2. It is an issue of our love for Him

C. Our life will prove our love

1. Talk is cheap, but actions are priceless

2. A life filled with God’s saving will always lift up Jesus

3. A life of Godly love may be used of God to lead others to faith in Christ

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