Summary: God calls Jeremiah to speak his word to Israel & the nations.

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As I prepared this message, the Spirit of God revealed to me and said to me help the people understand that ‘there is no such thing as happenstance. Nothing just happens. That I designed every individual who is connected to Me, their destiny and deliverance is in My hand. I’m sovereign. I do what I want to do. And I do what I want to do with you. You can’t stop Me from doing what I want to do. Because I am the Potter; you are the clay. I mold you, shape you, break you, remake you—whenever and however I deem necessary.’

First of all, when you look at a Potter, we must establish God’s sovereignty. That He has an absolute right to deal with us in any way He wishes. This is illustrated in a tangible form when we look at God as the Potter and we, the creation of God, as the clay.

The Potter has the ultimate plan, objective and design. He can do whatever He wants to do with the clay. That clay is at the will of the Potter. Whatever He wants to do He can choose to do because He’s in charge. And the Potter is in charge of the clay and the clay is at the Potter’s wheel. The idea of God as the Potter, patiently and skillfully shaping the world and human beings to His specification undoubtedly lies behind the creation narrative.

When you look at the creation narrative, that’s the first place you really see God as the Potter and us as the clay.

If you look in Genesis 1:3, God says, ‘Let there be light’.

In verse 6 He says, ‘Let there be expansion.’

In verse 14 He says, ‘Let there be light in the expansion’.

But in verse 26, the narrative shifts. And He goes from saying ‘Let there be’ to ‘Let us make’. When He gets to man, He doesn’t say ‘Let there BE man’. He says ‘Let us MAKE man’.

He spoke light; He spoke fish; He spoke the sun; He spoke the moon. But when it came to man, He just didn’t speak He said, ‘Let us make…Let us shape Him into our image.’

That’s when the process began—God did not just speak you; God made you. God formed you from the dust of the earth, fashioned you and crafted you—then He stepped back and said ‘That’s good’. But then we have this sin issue. Because with this sin issue now, rather than looking like the Creator…we look more like the interloper and the enemy.

• Do you know the Devil? At best he is nothing more than an unemployed musician with the Messiah complex. He’s mad because he cannot be God therefore now he decides to hate on God. He was in heaven as the head minister of music; but he wanted to try to take over heaven. He didn’t just play the organ—he had an organ in him. He didn’t just play the drums—he was the drums. He didn’t just play the song—he was a song. He was a bad brother. But he got just a little too high and now he’s not there anymore.

• And so the Devil’s design is to kill you and to make you not look like your Creator.

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