Summary: This sermon refreshens our minds anew to the words of our Lord Jesus concerning the times in which we live.

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Intro. In Matthew Chapter 24:36-39, Jesus describes our day very clearly from the scriptures. He predicted that our day would be as Noah’s day all over again. It is an amazing truth, that there are no new sins; only new sinners. Our lives apart from God’s intervention would be one vicious cycle. Solomon writes;"there is nothing new under the sun." But I submit that there is something new under the "Son". The only way that change will come is through the entrance of Christ into our hearts. We live in a world that is inundated with sins of every sort. The Bible described the earth as corrupt before God. It was filled with violence and evil thoughts. The conditions of evil that caused the old earth to be destroyed are the same today. Many people are crying for violence to be removed from our society. They are demanding that governments do something about the wickedness without realizing the root cause. They believe that the passing of laws will correct this morbid condition. They cry for capital punishment, more prisons and more police to tour our streets. Thank God for good police systems that hold societies wickedness in check. God in His mercy has used good governments to restrain lawlessness throughout history. However, when government becomes corrupt, the proliferation of evil is inevitable. None of the man made systems will end the evil and violence of our day. Much like the days of Noah, it will take the retributive hands of God to solve our problems. In Noah’s day we must remember that only eight people were saved among a whole world of people. Only four husbands and four wives. No uncles, no brother-in laws, no sister in-laws, no kinfolk, no neighbors and no friends were saved. In that day, it was good to be a member of Noah’s family. Noah’s determination to preach without results remains a great lesson for those who will soon give up in ministry. Noah preached, when only his family would listen! He preached for 120 years yet a whole world went to hell! So Jesus urges us to remember the Days of Noah.

Let us consider the following:

First, Jesus Calls Our Attention to Noah’s Day.

A. Human multiplication

B. Evil association

C. Great wickedness

D. Mental evil

E. Full of violence

Second, Jesus Calls Our Attention to Human Inattentivenss.

A. They were doing the normal stuff.

B. Their deeds excluded God.

C. They rejected the truth of Divine Judgment.

D. They did not think God’s patient would run out.

E. They did not consider the obedience of the animals.

Third, Jesus Calls Our Attention to Divine Judgment.

A. His All-seeing Eyes

B. His Grieving heart

C. His warning man

D. His punishing hands

Conclusion: We are sadly heading down the same road of our foreparents. If a global repentance does not occurr. There will be global punishment. The same God who punished the old world is still God. If we grieved His heart then, we are surely grieving it now. The sad thing is that men didn’t believe then, and they don’t believe now. Yet they have the preachers, the Holy Spirit, and the example of the old world. But Jesus said, the times would still be the same as Noah’s day. Noah preached 120 years without a convert! Keep in mind Noah did not have a big congregation. He did not have a popular ministry. He did not have a big following. All he had was his family. No body in the whole world believed Noah. Will we repeat that again?

"May God Bless and Keep You"

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

Hahnville, LA.

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