Summary: A message about a way of approaching life that, can help you see God is the answer in every single circumstance and at the same believe to see Him come through in it.

It’s not what you see it’s how you see it.

Ashingdon 08 Feb 2008

This morning before we begin I want you to think about something.

Perhaps there is something that you have been praying about,

something that you are going through or worried about going through,

and perhaps there is a sense of worry about what it is that is before you in life and you really need God to perhaps come through on.

Now that something could be the confidence to take on the future by facing the present,

or the circumstance you find yourself in,

or the issue that you’ve got to get over,

or the challenge that you have got to overcome,

or the thing that you need to get victory in.

Maybe your thinking about one of those,

or some of those, or all of those things this morning, maybe you have been mulling these things over for a while,

or maybe your just thinking I need God to come through and be who He is.

Maybe you’re thinking He is my provider and I just need to see that.

He’s my healer, I just need to see that

Whatever the something that is bothering you, hopefully this morning what I want to try to get across is just,

just a simple message about a simple way of approaching life that,

can help you just see God is the answer in every single circumstance and at the same believe to see Him come through in it.

We can thank God for who He is,

and because of who He is,

we can confidently trust in the things that He does,

as we look at his word this morning,

I pray that each of us might be able to see ourselves in it and see what it is we can do,

what God can do, how we can position ourselves before Him, and how to take hold of every promise that is in God’s word that is ours.

The promises have all got to do with God being true to who He is, every attribute, every nature, the promises of those things will become a reality in our lives.

I am going to read from the book of Numbers,

I want to start in Numbers chapter 14 and I just want to pick a statement and then we will go back to Numbers 13 and work through.

Here is the statement from verse 24 in The New Living Translation: “But my servant Caleb has a different attitude than the others have. He has remained loyal to me, so I will bring him into the land he explored.”

A different kind of attitude, the attitude of a person, the motivation of a person, its that positioning, your attitude is one of those things, that you realise, you know that sometimes you get a bad attitude about something.

Anyone ever had a bad attitude about something? Yeah, No, I know you have.

But if you think about when you are in that moment an attitude can come out, now I’m not necessarily talking about the actions because sometimes we are very good at being good and other times we are very good at being bad as well.

Attitude is more to do with a position that you actually take in that moment that actual prompts or causes certain behavioral things.

So an attitude is not being all snotty, an attitude can be a position you take on something,

it could be the way you review something,

it could be the stance you’ve taken in life that actually has nothing to do with you

its just all got to do with a background,

an upbringing that you think a certain way so it become your attitude in life.

When we are talking in this context about the spirit of a person or their attitude its talking about that, it could almost be summarized down into this -

it’s all got to do with the way you see things.

It’s all got to do with the way you see life.

One of our big challenges as individuals is to make sure the way we see life in the right way,

we see it through the right glasses,

we take the right position,

we have the right perspective,

maybe its all got to do with our world view,

our world view could be a very small one

or our world view could be an educated one,

an informed one, an opinionated one, a large one –

its our world view, its our position that we take.

Every one of us has the challenge of taking that and really lining it up with God.

It’s interesting what it says here, Caleb has this different attitude, different to some of the others that we will talk about in a moment

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