Summary: For to long we have taken the divinely instiuted Church and made it something that is corrupt. It has to be the end of Church as we know it, or it will be.

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Text: Eph 2: 19-22

During the Viet Nam era a song was popularized which stated because of the uncertain times, “ It’s the end of the world as we know it.”

The times were troubling and the people of the nation were rising up.

There were protest against the establishment.

There were protest against the war effort.

But mainly there were protest against authority.

It was a very troubling time in America.

Remember I said a few weeks back if we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.

Well we are. The protests are back.

There is disillusionment with the people.

Protests against the establishment, the war effort, and the authority.

But it is not where you are thinking. It is in the Church.

The very structure of the Church is being shaken.

But the foundation will hold. What is built upon it, that’s another story.

Which brings us to this statement:


I. The Foundation

A. Built on the Apostles and prophets.

1. The teaching and preaching.

2. The faith.

3. The perseverance.

B. Jesus being the Chief cornerstone.

1. He said He would build it.

2. The cornerstone is what all else is centered on.

3. The teaching of Christ is of most importance.

C. Built on a solid foundation. (Matt. 7: 24-27)

1. To stand the test of time.

2. To stand the test of man.

II. The Building On The Foundation

A. The First Century Church.

1. Strong in the mission, the faith, the teaching.

2. Still there were problems.

a. Division. (1 Cor. 1: 12)

b. Carnality. ( 1 Cor. 3: 3-4)

B. But the Church lived on.

1. Through persecution.

2. Through time.

3. Through challenge.

III. Churches today.

A. The rebellion against the establishment.

1. Attendance.

2. Serving.

3. Giving.

B. Rebellion against the war effort. ( not Iraq)

1. No passion for lost souls.

2. No passion in combating the enemy.

3. No prayer warriors.

C. Rebellion against Authority.

1. Children against parents.

2. Congregations against Leaders.

3. The Scriptures themselves. ( I don’t believe that)

IV. The Remnant

A. Just as in the Viet Nam era there were those that held on.

1. Believing in this country.

2. Leading in trying times.

B. In Churches today there is that remnant. (God always has one)

1. Hold true to the Word.

2. Fight the good fight of Faith.

3. Enduring to the end.

Conclusion: The remnant will insure that the Church of God lives on.

Those that will stand when after having done all else will go on.

But those in rebellion against the establishment, (the Church) the war effort ( the mission), and the authority, ( God) will not survive.

What is happening in churches across America and the world must stop.

It is too important for the Lost. It is too important for the Redeemed.

It must be the end of church as we know it, or it will be.

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