Summary: Change is in the atmosphere, we are in a season of change, the question is not "will there be change?" but will it be for the better or will it be for the worse?" you must decide.

Deut 2:1-3 Then we turned, and took our journey into the wilderness by the way of the Red sea, as the LORD spake unto me: and we compassed mount Seir many days. 2 And the LORD spake unto me, saying,

3 Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward.

You’ve compassed this mountain long enough turn you northward.

I came to this house with a word in my spirit (change).

God said this is a season of change, major change.

He said prophesy and tell my people change is coming, major shifts are going to be taking place.

God said: to prophesy change so his people could participate and cooperate with him in the process.

*You cannot stop change from happening around you, but you can either adjust to change or resist it*.

The word of the Lord said: you’ve been in this place long enough.

In other words you’ve been in this life-cycle this life situation long enough.

It may be your financial situation, or your relationships, it may be in your emotional arena of your life.

It may be a physical situation of struggle with your health.

It may be your spiritual life, your walk with God, your experience with God, (your ministry).

God said: it’s time for a change.

Is anybody ready for a change?

Is anybody sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Is anybody fed up with your present situation?

Is anybody ready to break that cycle of debt?

Ready to break that cycle of sickness? To break that cycle of depression?

Am I talking to anybody who’s tired of going around and around the same old problems every day?.

God said you’ve compassed this mountain long enough.

Tell your neighbor: enough is enough.

Now tell the devil: I’ve had enough.

I’ve had enough hell in my life, I’ve had enough fear and confusion, I’ve had enough discouragement, I’ve had enough lack, I’ve had enough disappointment, I’ve had enough rejection and betrayal, I’ve had enough misery, I’ve had enough shame.

Somebody shout I’m ready for a change; I’m ready for a turnaround, (is anybody ready for a turnaround?).

I don’t know who I’m talking to but somebody needs a turnaround and you need it today, you need it right now.

Somebody’s facing a situation that is impossible for you to change it’s out of your hands, somebody’s in a legal situation and you need God to move and turn that thing around.

Somebody else you need a miracle in your finances, you’ve done everything you know how to do but instead of getting better it looks worse.

Someone else you’re standing in the gap for your children, and you know that if God don’t move they’re in trouble.

But I came to prophesy to you in this house that we serve the God of turnarounds, this Bible is a book of turnarounds, from Genesis to Revelations we see God turning things around.

One of the worst-case scenarios in the Bible is in the book of Ezekiel chapter 37 the Valley of dry bones.

It looked hopeless, impossible, beyond the point of no return.

But when the man of God started prophesying to those bones something started happening, (change,) things started changing.

The situation started turning around.

Bones started coming together, and they didn’t just come together but every bone found its matching bone.

When the prophet finished prophesying, in the very same place where there was nothing but dry bones there stood a mighty army fully equipped and fully empowered to fight.

Tell your neighbor something’s getting ready to change


I feel a turnaround in the atmosphere.

I feel a turnaround anointing in this place, I feel a turnaround anointing rising up in my spirit right now.

Somebody’s getting your breakthrough right now, somebody’s getting free right now, free in your mind, somebody’s getting free in your emotions, somebody’s financial situation is turning around.

Somebody’s ministry is turning around.

Somebody’s marriage is turning around, it was headed for the rocks now it s headed for the rock.

Somebody’s getting a healing in your body, sickness is leaving you now. Pain is leaving your body right now (with his stripes ye were healed).

The anointing destroys the yoke.

Your season is changing: you’ve been in a winter season and it looked like and felt like everything was dying in you and around you.

But it’s a new season: it’s a season of new beginnings, I prophesy new beginnings.

I prophesy new doors in your ministry, new connections, new anointing, new fire, new jobs, promotions, new avenues of income, new joy, new friends, new confidence, new strength, new health, new fire.

Somebody’s going to go where they’ve never gone before, somebody’s going to take some new steps into new territory.

Is anybody ready to step out of the old into the new?.

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Sandra Stelly

commented on Mar 23, 2019

Praise God this was truly a blessing enjoyed it looking forward to more

Larry Fugett

commented on Nov 2, 2019

very good words and great words to lift us up. I always look forward to your sermons and words to help people in their Christian walk. be blessed my brother

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