Summary: There has been too much fighting among the saints about Spiritual Gifts. the only winner is Satan.

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July 18, 2014

There is a terminology in the Sport of NASCAR called “ Clean Air." The race cars much like airplanes are made to go through the air smoothly. The cars go through a wind tunnel to made sure there are no edges or that the fabrication is the best it can be for the lines drawn. When a car is out in the front of the race it is called to be in clean air as there are no other cars around. It smoothly goes through the air with as little drag as possible. When two cars get together the airflow coning off of each car gets intermingled and drag occurs. Drag makes the air terminology to be dirty as the air is no longer smooth going over the car but turbulent. That turbulent air causes drag and drag make cars go slower. When an airliner touches down the split second the wheels hit the runway the spoilers come up on top of the wing. The smooth air that used to rush over the wing to create lift is now disrupted and the plane now loses lift to the wing and all the weight is now transferred ot the wheels or brakes which is what is intended.

The car in first place hopes that there is not one car close behind him but two. When two are fighting it out for second they will drop back even farther back because of the drag of both cars. Thus leaving the one out front to gain even more distance on the other cars. So where am I going with this. Last night on Amazon I was reading reviews on a book written called Strange Fire. It is in many parts a very scathing accusation that Christians who don’t believe exactly like this preacher who wrote the book may not be Christians at all. He does not believe in all the gifts of the Spirt. I on the other hand do. I was not taught this but God showed up in a mighty way to give me this new language. All the gifts of the Spirit are supernatural. Many of you could not understand the Bible till you were saved. That is a supernatural gift of the Spirit. But while reading the negative comments which there were far more negative than good I started to feel compassion for a man that has taught so much truth out of the Bible but has now broken ranks and caused such a division among believers that the Lord must be agonizing over this. So let me get to the point.

The people who believe that there are no supernatural gifts of the Spirit are in car number 2 and the ones who believe that these gifts never ceased are in car number 3. In car number one is Satan and he is doing what he has done since creation, deceived others. While these two groups are more concerned with DOCTRINE Satan is using this time to make sure we don’t share the gospel with others. I have lost dear friends and have gotten quite angry letters saying that what I believe is hearsay. So let me stop everyone no matter what you believe. Doctrine is what a church denomination believes. Some believe in different types of Baptism and there are even church splits over this.

I say throw out all doctrine and look at the cross of Christ. Forget Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Catholic and on and on. It is Jesus Christ and Christ Crucified. That is where all Salvation should start and END. But there were too many smart people in their own mind who interpreted the Bible in different ways and they started their own little faction of worship. What this pastor who wrote this book is doing is destroying so much love and harmony among the Saints that the good news of the gospel is taking second seat.

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