Summary: Our children will reap our lack of passion for Christ.

Its Time for passionate Christians

1 John 3:13

Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you.

When you ask many Christians how passionate they are about God 90 percent if that will say they could be more passionate.

In a youth meeting my wife asked the young people on a scale of one to ten how passionate they were no tens we a few six to eight, if I was to asked the same question this morning I’m sure the results would be same.

When we look around the world we can see passion in many peoples lives we can see the effect that it has on the lives and the success it brings to people.

For example Tiger woods- Golf, Michael Jordan- basketball and David Beckham football I think we could all say that these people where passionate about the sport at times in there lives that had to make a sacrifice that had to work hard all they wanted to do was to play their sport.

In the world of business one of the most successful men is Bill Gates or Donald Trump they are passionate about what they do and they are a success. They all worked hard to get were they are today and if they want to stay on top they have to work just as hard, but what is their driving power simple it is PASSION

it may be passion to win,

passion to be the best,

passion for fame

or passion for money.

How is your passion directed

We all are passionate about something, in my church most of the are passionate about their football teams

They can tell all the stats about their team when all the men get together 80 percent of the time that’s what they talk about and at times they can get very hot headed or offend if you say anything bad about their team. In some cases they will skip church if their teams gets beat.

What do you talk about all the time what gets you excited what drives you?

Have you ever seen the film “Chariots of Fire” It is about a man called Eric Liddell who ran in the 1924 Olympics and won the gold medal in the 400m Eric had a passion for his running put is passion for God was stronger. Eric was to run in the 100m as this was his event , but it was being held on a Sunday and because he was a Christian he refused to run. In the film he was brought into a meeting and was but under a lot of pressure but he stood his ground. He was prepared to give up his dream because his passion for God was greater than a race. In the end he ran in the 400m The day of 400 meters race came, and as Liddell went to the starting blocks, an American masseur slipped a piece of paper in his hand with a quotation from 1 Samuel 2:30, "Those who honour me I will honour." Liddell ran with that piece of paper in his hand. He not only won the race but broke the existing world record with a time of 47.6 seconds.

We read of many people in the Bible who where passionate about Jesus He was there every thing. their life. their hope they where willing to lay their lives down for him he was their passion He was their reason for living.

The hardest person to stop is a passionate one

We God births a vision in my life no one can stop me when they are full of negative words I would think to myself they haven’t got a clue this is going to work, in one or two cases I had to leave the room in the end if they don’t change I will work on with out them my focus is on God and the vision that he has birthed in me. I’m sure people get bored with me because the only thing I will be talking about will be what God has put on my heart.

When we are Passionate about God He will be the person we will be talking about He will be who you thing of when you get up in the morning He will first in all that you do.

When your faith is put to the test the world will know where you stand.

When you are passionate you will draw a line in the sand.

When we are passionate we will have a boldness a fire that cant be put out.

When the world brings in laws that are against our faith we will stand and passionately fight for God.

For too long has the church sat by saying I don’t want to offend people our children are paying for that now.

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