Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Unswervingly follow God’s path to life.


Exodus 13.17-14.31

S: Change

C: Resurrection and Exodus

Th: Movin’ On Up!


Type: Inductive



PA: How is the change to be observed?

• Realize you cannot earn God’s blessing.

• Trust God with your life.

• Accept the changes that need to be made.

• Go forward in faith.

Version: ESV

RMBC 23 March 08 AM

Resurrection Sunday!


We have discovered that there is something we are to be joyful about today.

He is risen! (He is risen indeed!)

What seemed to be the end of the story, was not the end of the story!

But when you only see that front half, it can be pretty despairing.

This is not how you viewed it would be.

And you may describe it in many ways – being “in a pickle”, “up a tree”, with your “back against the wall”, “in a corner”, or “at your wits end”?

1. Have you ever been a predicament?

Have you ever made a major purchase like buying a car or buying a home and then after you did, you lost your job or had your income take a dive?

If so, then you know what it is to be in a predicament.

Have you ever made a job change and then after doing so you realized that the old one was better than than the new one?

If so, you have been in a predicament.

The best definition I have found of a predicament is this: “A lawyer who specializes in suing doctors for medical malpractice finding himself in need of major surgery.”

There are two defining moments in Scripture.

And interestingly, they both are easily labeled as predicaments.

In both situations, there is a conclusion of hopelessness.

Everything is falling apart.

A disaster is occurring, and ultimate failure is imminent.

But there is a turnaround.

The unexpected happens.

God moves in a way that no one foresees, and salvation occurs.


The first is the…


We noted last week, that the plagues have finally softened pharaoh’s heart enough that he allows the children of Israel to leave.

The final plague, the death of the firstborn, freed up pharaoh’s iron-fisted grip.

The death of the firsborn – it came at a devastating price for the Egyptians, but not for those that had the faith to put lamb’s blood over the doorframe of their homes.


2. The children of Israel were movin’ on out.

I can’t help but picture the Hebrews struttin’ their stuff a bit.

After all, they have suffered for quite a while under the pharaoh’s brutality.

So, as they go, there had to be a swagger in their step.


3. God was in the lead.

The text in Exodus tells us that they were led by a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night.

Now, wouldn’t you like to have that kind of divine direction for your life?

And those difficult questions in life, think how easy it would be to get the answers?

If the cloud moved to Virginia Beach, then you would know you were to move to Virginia Beach.

If the pillar of fire moved to the Florida Keys, you would know you were supposed to move to the Florida Keys.

(You can see I am thinking the Lord wants me to minister to a beach community.)

Should I change jobs?

Wait and see if the cloud moves over a certain building.

Should I marry this person?

Wait and see if the pillar of fire moves over their head.

Should I buy this house?

Wait and see if the cloud moves over it.

Israel has a tremendous advantage.

They know where to go, because God is giving them very specific directions.

So what does God do?

He takes the people the long way around!

First, they head down south for 60 miles.

Then they go east for 10 miles.

Then at the start of chapter 14, He tells them to head north again!

But there is one big problem at this point…

4. The people landed on a dead end.

To the west is desert – can’t go there.

To the east is lots of water – can’t go there.

And I suppose they could go back north, but that is back into Egypt.

Besides, in the distance, there is a huge cloud of dust.

You see, this is a predicament.

Pharaoh got over his soft heart, and decided that the children of Israel needed to come back to Egypt, by force if necessary.

So he brought together the mightiest army in the world and attacked.

Now the children of Israel were none too happy about this new state of affairs

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