Summary: The Bible say's "When you give to the poor you are lending to God", How do we "rob God" we rob God when we neglect the poor!

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“If you are in a poor area…You have to feed them more than the Word!”

If you hand a tract to a man that hasn’t eaten in over 24 hours without a sandwich, chances are you won’t reach that man for Jesus Christ! Jesus fed the 5,000 not so He could show off and impress people! He realized that sending them away in the middle of nowhere without food could be hazardous to their health. He was not just concerned with them hearing the Word; He was concerned about their well being also. Too many of us go to church in our big cars and SUV’s on full stomachs and sit next to someone whose stomach is empty. God forbid! We are often the miracle someone needs! You may not think you are rich, but $20 to some people might be a miracle! We spend money on newspapers, coffee, and bagels every morning on our way to work, and some people sleep on the morning paper and eat the left over bagel you threw away because it was not toasted to perfection for you! The 12 disciples wanted to send the 5,000 away, so do most churches in America. We call the homeless lazy and say they must “pull themselves up by the bootstraps!” That is Republicanism not Christianity talking! Some people are one missing payday from being homeless. I am disabled and I know from personal experience, only the grace of God keeps some of us from sleeping in the street! Another hard fact is that there are SAVED homeless people! For that matter Jesus was born in a homeless situation! The Bible say’s “When you give to the poor, it is like lending to God.”

(James 2:5; Leviticus 19:15; Galatians 2:10)

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