Summary: The second in a series of messages about the family. This sermon concentrates on the man's perspective in relationships, family, and healing.

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I want to talk to the men.

We often preach to the men...messages of how to better care for and understand the women.

But, seldom, if ever, do we give insight to the man's world to women.

* I want you to notice in the text:

"A Blind Man"

* Never in scripture do you hear of a blind woman

* God is always healing a blind man

* This man wasn't healed instantly...

...he needed a second touch

* This story helps us understand that sometimes healing is a process

* I believe that today we have too many blind men

* Men who have lost their way...lost their vision

* Most men don't have a definite vision for their family

* They are just making a living

* The Devil knows if he can see it...

...he can seize it

* This man reminds me of the church man...

„X He gets better...

* But he is still not well...

o Vision is blurred

* Man represents headship in the family

* And there is nothing worse than...

...the head of the house losing his vision

* The enemy is after the man's vision


* The enemy goes hard after the man

* If he can steal man's vision...

* Then the family is under attack

* I guarantee, half the things we've gone through are a result of Dad

„X My dad lost his vision

„X And his kids lost their way

* If men are going to have their vision restored

* We must consider the eyes (I's)


1. His Intersections

2. His Intercession

3. His Intimacy

4. His Intensity


ƒ{ Defined: A place where 2 or more roads meet

A place of decision

To leave one path and begin another

ƒ{ Men's lives are filled with intersections

ƒ{ A place of decision is sometimes where we live

ƒ{ Decisions about everything:

„X God

„X Business

„X Home

„X Money

„X Marriage

For Me: Building





What to order at the restaurant

Kids -- Goals


ƒ{ In order to reach our destination we must make right decisions

ƒ{ Men often find themselves at intersections trying to convince everyone they know

where they are going and they're not lost!

ƒ{ Intersections start early in a boy's life

ƒ{ And, women often don't understand...

ƒ{ The pressure men or boys are under

ƒ{ To make the right turn

ƒ{ When he is about 13, he is at a major intersection

ƒ{ She wants him to stay like he was

ƒ{ Momma's little boy

ƒ{ If she was 22 or older when he was born

ƒ{ She is in a stabilizing moment in her life

ƒ{ While he is in the biggest change so far in his life

ƒ{ And, if the father is not there...physically or emotionally...his life has just become even more complicated

ƒ{ The boy used to draw you pictures

ƒ{ And you would praise him

ƒ{ Put it up on the refrigerator

ƒ{ Now, he's too old for that and he is wondering

ƒ{ Now where he will get praise from

EXAMPLE: Men love praise

Or reaction

ƒ{ If you don't react, I won't do it

ƒ{ So, he is now wondering what will get reaction...

„X Sports

„X Drugs

„X Others now respond and react and praise

ƒ{ His reward system is changing

ƒ{ He is changing...intersection

„X Hormones -- armpit hair -- looking in the mirror

„X Looking at girls different

„X Momma used to be the only girl in his life

„X But now he notices Julie

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