Summary: for such a time as this (It’s your turn now)

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*You are not in the kingdom by accident or coincedence, You didn’t just happen to hear the gospel, or just happen to be at the right place at the right time. (No God has a plan for your life).

*It’s a divine appointment

*Like Esther, many of us come from less than favorable circumstances of life.

Drug abuse, child abuse, molestation, divorce, broken homes, or a hundred other dark areas that we would rather forget.

But it doesn’t matter where you have come from or come out of, You are here now, and you are here for a purpose.

Before you ever experienced the dark side of life, God had already chosen you.

Example (Jeremiah the Prophet)

God told him:

Before you were formed in your mothers womb I knew you and ordained you to be a prophet to the nations.

The devil hates you, because every one of you has the potential to devestate his kingdom.

Everyone of you has the potential to walk in the same power and the same anointing as Jesus did.

(Jesus said: The works that I do shall ye do also and greater works than these shall ye do).

The devil has tried to destroy you, kill you.

Some of you have had to fight for your sanity, if it wasn’t for God you would be in and institution somewhere,

Others of you, If it wasn’t for God you would have died in some freak accident.

Still others, If it wasn’t for God you would be spending the rest of your lives in some prison somewhere.

The devil has done his best to kill you:

Some of you it’s a miracle that you survived your teen years.

Drugs, alchohol, violence, sexual promiscuity,

All around you people you know have died in some senseless gang violence, or contracted some sexually transmitted disease.

The devil has been trying to kill you:


Because he wanted to kill you before you discover your destiny.

The most dangerous people in the world to the devil, are men and women of God who have discovered their destiny.

When you discover your destiny you are a threat to hell.

(The wind never blows in the favor of a ship with no destination)

But when you discover your destiny all the power of heaven comes to empower you.

The devil wanted you dead, but you’re still here and It’s your turn now.

Esther was in waiting, patiently waiting for her time to come before the King.

Like Esther many of you have felt like You’ve been in the waiting room forever, But your getting ready to move into the delivery room because it’s your turn now.

Some of you have felt like that old saying:

Always a bridesmaid never a bride, But it’s your turn now.

Some of you have felt like the batter in warm up, You’ve said, Will I ever get up to bat.

When will it be my turn, You have watched others get promoted, and you have seen others move in the anointing and you have seen others prosper and you have said (When will it be my turn?)

I may not hit a home run but at least I want my shot at it, I want to swing at it.

I want to stand in the batters box and know that I’m there because I paid my dues, and that the devil couldn’t stop me.


It’s Your turn now.

Swing for the fence, You may not get a home run, or even to third base, but thats alright because your not the only one on the team.

Don’t be afraid to swing.

It’s your turn Now and God is For you (And if God be for you who can be against you?)

Finally, and I have to say this: Esther was ready for her meeting with the King because she had prepared herself.

12 months of preparation

6 months of oils

then 6 months of odours or perfumes.

The oil speaks of purification, cleansing of the inward life, integrity, character, sanctification, holiness.

The perfume speaks of the outward life = the fruit, the attitude.

Sometimes we want to rush the process and cut it short and get right up to bat, but God knows when we’re ready and when we’re not.

so if it seems like your time has been delayed, it could just mean you need a little more oil, or a little more perfume.

Because when you stand to represent God it is critical that your outward life and your inward life agree.

And be assured as soon as you have fully applied yourself to the oil and the perfume, You will hear these words.

It’s Your Turn Now.

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