Summary: This particular sermon talks about the bright future and hope we have as believers with our ultimate glory in Christ Jesus!

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I. Introduction:

In this particular text Paul is writing to the Roman church & encouraging them about thier future glory that is in Christ Jesus. He starts out the chapter by laying out right ways to live and is now talking about the future glory that is in Christ Jesus. And that’s what strikes me about this text, is in verse 28 where he says, "That ALL things work together..." And then goes on to say, "Those he justified, he will also someday GLORIFY." And that’s what I want to talk about for just a little bit of time, I want to talk from the subject of, "I’ve got a bright future!"

- I’m convinced today beyond a shadow of a doubt that we as believers, no matter how bad it may seem, have a bright future in the Lord.

- Jesus says, "I have a plan for your life..."

- "I have come that you might have life, & that you might have it more abundantly."

- "ALL things work together for the good of those..."

- This bright future includes several things, as Paul lays out here in the text.(Elaborate.)

- So, what does my bright future include? What do I have to do to get it?

II.(a) Body: 2 qualifacations to recieve your bright future:

A. You Must Love The Lord:

- Paul says in verse 28 "To those that Love the Lord Jesus."

- You’ve got to love him in order to get this bright future!

- This means you must come to know him in the pardon of your sins. (Elaborate.)

B. You Must Be Called According to his purpose:

- Once you know God then you must be called!

- If you know God than you have a PURPOSE in Jesus!!!

- This purpose plays into and is part of your bright future!!!

- Elaborate above said points.

II. (b) 4 Key Words Concerning Your Bright Future:

A. Predestined:

- Verse 29 (Read)

- We were predestined to look & to be like God! (Elaborate.)

- Our bright future includes the fact that one day, when the rapture occurs, we will become like Jesus!! Hallelujiah!!

B. Called:

- God has called us to a higher purpose in him!

- Verse 30: (Read)

- Because we now have purpose in him, we can trust & believe that he will ultimately use us for his kingdom & for his good! (Elaborate.)

- I thank God for calling me out & giving me purpose!

- With purpose comes hope, and with hope, faith, faith for a brighter tommorrow!!!!!!

C. Justified:

-Read verse 30.

-What is justifacation?

-Justifacation means to be given place to, or to be approved by something, or righted in what one does regardless of the circumstances!!

- Christ’s death on the cross JUSTIFIED US!!! (Elaborate)

- The Bible says we have "Been justified by faith!"

- THe Blood of Jesus justifies me!! It washes me whiter than snow! It gives me a hope & a Future in God! Halelujiah!

- Thank God for the blood!!!!!

D. Glorified:

- We have a hope & a future in God because one day our bodies will be glorified!!! (Elaborate!)

- No more sickness, desiase, tears, hurt, or pain!!

- I thank God for my FUTURE glorifacation!!!!


-Encourage & exhort the people of God that they have a bright future in God!!! That it will all work out for thier good!!! That no matter what it looks like, if they just keep holding on it WILL work out!!! And if you’re not saved, to get saved, so that you can partake in this bright future too!!!!!! THANK GOD FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

IV. Conclusion:

- Recap major points.

- Invatation to discipleship.

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