Summary: What did Jairus’ daugher see in her father as he sought the Saviors help on her behalf?


Luke 8:40-42, 49-56

Intro: Here we find a dad that was concerned for his

little girl.

-He was a “ruler of the synagogue”.

-Oversaw the daily operations of the


-Arranged the services.

-He did the custodial duties.

-He was much like one of today’s Pastors.

-He chose who would read the Scripture and

who would speak etc.

-He was well known and much respected in

the community.

-He had possibly heard Jesus speak in the

synagogue at Capernaum.

-He was also a Dad.

-We do not know the little girls name, she us

usually referred to as Jairus’ daughter.

-What do you suppose she saw in her dad.

-She saw his prominence in the community.

-I wonder if she thought of him as being

old fashioned and out of touch like many

teenage daugters?

1. She saw a dad who was not ashamed to seek Jesus.

-Vs. 41 “There came a man”

-Notice that he didn’t come in the dark of

nightlike Nicodemas.

-There was a multitude of people there.

-Jairus had come because his daughter was sick.

-It is a hard thing for a father to see his

children suffer in sickness.

-Jairus stepped up without reservation and

fell down a Jesus feet.

-Notice the Jairus went himself.

-He did not send his wife.

-He did no send one of the other children.

(assuming there were any)

-He didn’t send a servant.

-He went to Jesus Himself.

-Oh that our dads would seek Jesus without shame.

-That they would take their priestly responsibility

in the home.

-Our nation is in the mess it’s in because our

father’s are out seeking golf balls instead

of God on Sunday morning.

-They send the wife and kids to church.

-That they would seek Him without reservation.

-That they would seek Him boldly.

What a difference it would make if our Fathers would seek Jesus.

2. He was not ashamed to bring Jesus to the house.

-Vs. “begged Him to come to his house.

-Notice that the event that followed was “as

he went”

-They were on their way to Jairus’ house.

-The whole crowd.

-Can you imagine that phone call. “Honey, \

everyone is coming over to the house.”

-Oh, that God would give us Dads who would

bring Jesus to the house.

-Men who would stand with Joshua and declare to

the world. “as for me and my house, we will

serve the Lord.

-Men who would lead their families in prayer at

the table. (not just relegate the responsibility

to the kids.)

-Dad, do you want to bless you family, lead them

in prayer at you next meal. (you will grow a

foot taller in their eyes)

-Dad’s who would invite Jesus into the home by

reading His word.

-Dad’s who would invite Jesus into their homes

by leading them to worship.

-Not send them to worship

-Matthew 9:18 “there came a certain ruler,

and worshipped him”

-Dad’s let you kids see you honoring the Lord.

-Taking them to church.

-Reading the word.


-Living for Jesus.

Oh that God would give us Dad’s who would invite Jesus to their house.

3. He was not ashamed to put the welfare of his child

in the hands of Jesus.

-Luke 8:49-56

-When Jairus got the news that she was dead, he

didn’t dismiss the Lord, He gave here into His


-We need Dad’s who will dedicate their children to

the Lord.

-Who will lead their children to seek God’s will

for their lives.

-I was going in the direction my Dad wanted me to

go when God turned me around.

-Much like Abraham, we must be willing to sacrifice

our children on the altar of God’s plan and not

our own.

-God has a plan. (it was God’s plan that this

little 12 year old live.)

-Look what Jesus said. Vs. 50

-Do not be afraid.

-Only believe…trust God

-She will be made well.

-Jairus completely put his daughter in the hands of

God’s care.

Oh that God would give us Dad’s who would commit their children into the hands of Jesus.


Dad’s, what do your children see in you?

Do they see a Dad who is not ashamed to seek

the Lord.

Do they see a Dad who is not ashamed to bring

Jesus into the house.

Do they see a Dad who prays for them and

commits them into the hands of the Lord.

Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the

gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God

unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

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William Noel

commented on Jun 17, 2007

FYI: Your scripture text on the introduction is wrong. It should be Luke, not Matthew.

Curley Randle1400

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Pollie Marabe

commented on Jun 18, 2012

A responsible Dad is what we need today! Thanks for this lesson.

Richard White

commented on Jun 9, 2014

Loved the insights, thanks for giving me a launching pad.

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