Summary: A message on the name Jehovah Nissi - the Lord is My Banner.

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Hello I Love Let Me Tell You My Name

Ex. 17:15-16 – Jehovah Nissi

Intro: The study of God’s name is a study of surrender. For in understanding who He is and what He has done for us forces us to decide whether or not we will choose to depend upon Him alone or if we will continue to trust in ourselves. So far, every name we have considered bids us to put our trust in God alone, and the name we will consider this AM continues the tradition.

Text: Exodus 17:8-15 “…Moses built an altar and called it the Lord is my banner.”

Intro: Last week we embarked w/ the Israelites from the Red Sea into the Desert of Shur where they encountered a test from God concerning dependence – which they failed miserably. God was in the midst of taking His people on a scenic tour of trusting Him that required a (3) stop tour w/ layovers at the ever popular destinations of dryness, disappointment, and defeat. But instead of being humble, Israel grumbled. Instead of trusting, they were fussing.

Cont: Last week we looked briefly at the places of dryness and disappointment and today we’ll look at the place of DEFEAT.

Trans: This boy goes to the drug store to buy candy. He asked for it to be wrapped in 1 lb., 3 lb., and 5lb. packages. Curious, the druggist asked why? The boy explained that he had a date w/ a pretty girl and that after he dinner w/ her parents he was going to go out on the front porch w/ the girl. If she held his hand, he was going to give her the 1 lb. box. If she let him put his arm around her, he’d give her the 3 lb. box. But if she let him kiss her, he was going to give her the 5lb. box. Later that night when he sat down to dinner, the father asked the boy to pray for the meal. He prayed and prayed and prayed. He prayed for every missionary, every church and pastor in town. When he finally finished, the girl commented that she didn’t realize that he was so religious. To which the boy replied, “And I didn’t realize your dad was the druggist!”

Trans: As a father two girls, I can imagine what I would do in that situation. But if you don’t defeat the enemy, the enemy is certain to have a plan to defeat you. Truth is we seldom realize what we’re up against as we walk through life, but you can be certain that there’s an enemy out there waiting to wage a war against you.

Note: Dryness is where God takes us to teach us that He is the only One who can supply our every need. Disappointment is where God is forced to take us to teach us that nothing in this world can satisfy. Defeat is where God takes us to reveal to us His ability and power to overwhelm and overcome our enemies.

Cont: You might be thinking what kind of God allows His people to face dryness, disappointment, and defeat? I’ll tell you – an all-powerful, loving, and jealous God who knows our sinful tendencies and the pitfalls before us who doesn’t want our lives to be destroyed.

Note: We’re in a battle w/in for supremacy of our lives. There are forces w/in us and forces beyond us that are at war w/ the Spirit of God that saved us. As a result, God often has to take us through times of dryness, disappointment, defeat to bring us to the place of complete dependence in Him.

Verse: Trust the Lord w/ all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, and in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your steps. Pr. 3:5-6

Note: Times of dryness, disappointments, and defeat are God appointments.

Action: We’re in a tug of war over who will reign as ruler of our lives and our God desires to pull w/ us instead of against us. (Tug of War)

Recap: Last week we moved from the Red Sea and the defeat of the Egyptians to the waters of Marah. On this 3 day journey God took the Israelites to the desert of Shur and they hit the wall. They became thirsty, but instead of trusting God to provide, they grumbled. God gave them a time of dryness to teach them to depend upon His provision. Next He took them to the disappointment of Marah. At Marah God taught them that only he was their supply.

Today: From the bitterness of Marah, God moved the Jews to the oasis of Elim where He provided to meet their need. In due time, God began to moved His people toward the promised land b/c He didn’t want them to settle for 2nd best.

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