Summary: Five fabrics of the heart


A. “Buy Linen Waistband & Don’t Put In Water”

1. Waistband = underwear

a. not just a sash, nor a girdle to hold sword

b. but his shorts, underwear - his “fruit of the looms”

2. God says – these underwear are going to be your object lesson

3. God said get a new pair of underwear – wear them in public - innermost garment – fits snug next to skin

4. How an object lesson if people don’t see it?

a. wear outer cloths on top except at work

--laborers only worked with waistbands on

--everyone could see his underwear as he worked

b. how notice Jeremiah’s underwear from other men’s?

5. “Linen”

a. most waistbands were made of leather (Elijah’s)

b. linen /dainty = material used only by priests - symbolic of Judah, a priestly nation

c. Jeremiah’s different from others

6. “Don’t put it in water”

a. don’t wash it

b. back then -- after 1 day, washes it, wear it next day

c. meaning don’t take it off, even to wash it - continually wear it...for several weeks, months

d. people took notice

B. “Okay Jeremiah, You’d Better Take It Off Now”

1. Hide it at Euphrates – Bury it in the mud

2. Euphrates River - border of Babylon

a. Babylon = ungodly, pagan nation

b. center of idolatry, evil,

3. Left there possibly months

C. “Go Dig It Up”

1. Soiled, Mildewed, Holes, Rotted, Torn

2. When found it, held it up

3. When had attention of nation, began to preach


A. Like Jeremiah’s Underwear – We’re To Cling To God

1. Adorn him, clothe him

2. Closer than any other part of his creation

a. God has adorned himself with his creation

b. you’re designed to be that innermost garment

c. fitting snug to him, nearer to him than anything else

3. He puts you close to Him!

a. initiated by him, bought by him, put on by him

b. he puts you on, you don’t put yourself on

4. We’re that garment to cling to God

a. we treat God as if he’s supposed to cling to us

b. we’re the ones to cling to him

--we’re the ones that need salvation, not him

--we’re the ones that need redemption, not him

--we’re the ones that need sanctification,

--when Jesus called Levi (Luke 2:14) “as he passed by, He said to him ‘Follow Me!’ And he arose and followed Him” Jesus didn’t beg, plead -“are you coming or not”

c. treat God as if you have him wrapped around your finger we better be wrapped around his finger

d. I want my life wrapped around God!!

B. Like Jeremiah’s Underwear – We’re A Priestly Type Of People

1. Not just any old nation, but a priestly nation

2. (1 Peter 2:9) “you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation”

3. Minister before him as priests

a. offering up sacrifices (you life)

b. offering up prayers - incense - soothing aroma to God

c. don’t come to church to be entertained, to get your needs met, but to worship him, adore him, bless him, love him

d. priests are “servants” – not “sitters”

e. not “what can God do for me”, but “what I can do for God”

C. Like Jeremiah’s Underwear – We’re To Stay On For A Long Time

1. Dennis – I’m in this for the long haul

2. A garment to wear only when its fashionable or right temperature, or if it fits occasion

--if it fits, wear it

--if it’s convenient, serve him

--if nobody’s looking, pray to him

--if you’ve got spare change, give it to him

--if he’s been good, do a little good

--put him on, put him off, turn him on/off

3. I want to be stuck on Him – stuck on Him & Smelly

a. I smell like Him!

b. he and I are one

D. Unfortunately, Like Jeremiah’s Underwear – Some Fall Away

1. So used to clinging to God – take Him for granted

2. Lose their cling, slip away

3. Fall from the loins of God & buried in Euphrates

4. Instead of fabric fit for God, fabric fit for garbage

E. Five Fabrics – Which Heart, If Any, Am I????

1. Fabric of indifferent heart

a. cling, but not really; sense of apathy

b. neglect Bible, reading, study, church, etc.

2. Fabric of immoral heart - soiled & mildewed

3. Fabric of hardened heart – lost all elasticity & flexibility

a. hardened by bitterness, resentment, circumstances

b. but brittle, hard & unyielding, inflexible

4. Fabric of shredded & torn heart

a. painful circumstances

b. tore up by guilt

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