Summary: What does it mean that Jesus' name is above all other names?

Living expenses will probably go up this year say the experts. How will you stay within your monthly budget? One way is to stop buying brand name items.

For example why pay top dollar for the four-ply, hand-stitched toilet paper when you can make do with the no-name stuff?

Actually, there is a reason people are willing to pay more for brand names: brand names usually offer a better product, and therefore give savings in the long run.

Ever buy cheap paper plates only to throw half of them away un-used because they were so worthless and crumbled as soon as you placed so much as a scoop of potato salad on them?

But even if you have the cash to buy the best of everything, how do you know what is the best?

Every brand claims to offer the best value for your money.

Usually only experience will teach you what brands you can trust.

Our sermon text his morning points us to a brand name that we can stake our lives on: Jesus.

What makes a name you can trust?

Sure the name Jesus means “Savior” but did that Babe of Bethlehem live up to the hype?

Many first round draft choices have turned out to be major disappointments.

Our Epistle lesson today describes how Jesus lived up to his name.

This Jesus was God from eternity.

But he didn’t come down here to strut his stuff. He came to serve sinners.

Jesus proved his servanthood in many ways. The night before he was crucified he washed his disciples’ feet – a task normally reserved for the lowest slave in the household.

Then the next day he washed sinners clean of their sins by giving his life on the cross.

Would you do the same? Would you jump into the sewer and dive underneath the foul water with your eyes open to find and save someone who had stumbled into that slime while trying to throw rocks at you? That’s what Jesus did. He really is your Savior. He is a name you can trust…with your life.

I’m not just talking about trusting Jesus with your life after death; trust him with your life right now. Here’s why.

Paul says that God the Father exalted Jesus above every other name.

He is Lord over all.

Ah. But this is exactly what many don’t like about Christianity.

They’re happy to acknowledge that Jesus was a humble servant type, but they don’t want to acknowledge him as Lord.

That even describes us when we grouse at having to sit through another holiday worship service. Or when I heave a heavy sigh at having to write another sermon, as if plugging into the life-saving Word is a burden!

But Jesus as Lord does not mean that your life has become more burdensome. Just the opposite. Your servant-Savior now reigns over all...for the benefit of his people. Jesus takes and shoulders your burdens.

So the doctors may not understand what is wrong with your body, or you may be struggling financially but whatever is over your head is still under Jesus’ feet! He has everything under control. What comfort for the new year.

So go ahead stop buying name brand stuff if you think it will save you money. But don’t stop buying into Jesus.

He is the only one who can, who has saved you from your sins. And as Lord he is ruling on your behalf now and will keep doing matter how high living expenses become. Amen.

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