Summary: If you have the faith of Jesus, he will give you what to say.

I Peter 4: 1-6

The kingdom of Heaven, driving by God alone; this place is where the lord, the spirit of God takes us around, the struggles each and every one of us have to face on our own. God is always there to carry us through something. He’ll carry us through the makeup, fabricated by other parts. Aging has warned us about the tribulation, but we might have ignored the warning signs. Pay close attention to signs but don’t follow them, because signs and wonders are tools to keep our faith stimulated.

The world is paying close attention to how we live in the lord: use that attention to keep the faith of Jesus stimulated. As time pass, you can count on Jesus. God shares bits and pieces of the future with him with us. We suppose to be looked at in such a peculiar manner, because we are the light of the world. Take place in the near future by, calling the name of Jesus, and see what happens today. Right now!

God has revealed to the world about how his wrath will come; this is what I tell most people when I get into a spiritual conversation with them “Take place today by what you do today for God. I tell them to be prepared for what is coming, because it is surly coming. I can’t tell you that I don’t know, because I do know. The word of God tells me so, now I know so.

Every morning should be a vision about what you can do to please the lord with the love of Jesus in your heart, perhaps this will help you escape the wrath of God, because you know him. Don’t act like you don’t know the lord when you get around certain friends. Most people pray consciously to the lord on the outside; and they don’t know any better because they have doubts about Jesus living on the inside of them, because they don’t see him.

There’s nothing wrong with being friends with someone whom you have never seen. It’s time to grow up, as we grow, we learn that our relationship is really personal with the lord. We’re growing up, by being personal by knowledge means you’re praying and talking to the spirit of the living God in you. The more time and the more you talk to him you spending time with God. He puts you into gear, the highest gear; the lord puts his love in you to drive you around his kingdom.

As God start teaching you, the devils will try to distract you from the finish challenge. When the devil try’s it’s always in a field that’s going nowhere; and he knows how to play unfair; will you discover who he really is, and how he works, will you see who has been preventing you from achieving some of the goals you want in life? Turn out to be trouble, start looking for answer. If you look one just might be around the corner coming your way.

Start explaining to others what you know about God, when the spirit of God starts doing personal business; you’ll be able to escape out of the waste that you’re in right now. You’re a big success. Praise him for the joy that’s hanging around you. That’s wonderful isn’t it? I tell you; your report will stand out like the sun. To learn more about how the lord will work for you takes a personal commitment. Do you have any time for God, so he can give you the ends and outs about what’s coming?

People are broadening their outlook and becoming more like the nature of the world which is the spirit of an animal, the beast. Being persistent in righteousness is good, but he knows the motive behind your good. When the health care of animals becomes more important than humans, sin is spreading dramatically. Sin makes us think wrong, and possess us with expertise in deception. Don’t let the devil deceive you, think the way Jesus wants you to think; you got justification over the expression of your actions.

Forgiveness is home to people like the “Unabomber” “Ted Kaczynski; “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid; Ramzi Yousef, who plotted the 1993 World Trade Center attack; Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols; and Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph. People that have carried out evil works, now they become innocent people who then become the victims. God is telling me to tell you that Jesus had a pure heart. The greatest gift to have is to have real love for Jesus; it can change a bad situation into a good situation. Jesus gives us the desire of our heart to be the determination that you couldn’t be before Jesus came into your heart. Everybody desire’s love, if you know Jesus, you have found love.

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