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Are you...Elihah (Matthew 16:14)

Reading: 1 Kings chapter 17 verse 1.


“Socrates was aid to be wise, not because he knew all the answers,

but because he asked the right questions.”

Jesus knew how to ask a good question:

• And when he asked the disciples; “Who do the crowds say that I am?”

• He was preparing the ground for his next question.

• This second question would cause the disciples to put their faith on the line;

• It demanded they make a clear declaration of the man they were following.

• There answer would reveal a right appreciation of Jesus Christ;

• Or they would be guilty of blasphemy having misplaced their trust in this person.

• It was a question that no-one wanted to answer;

• Until Peter got them out of their jam, by declaring the correct answer.

This short mini-series of three talks that we are studying;

• Looks at the answers given to that first question Jesus asked;

• Why did they think he was John the Baptist, or Elijah or Jeremiah?

• There must be some similarity between Jesus and these characters;

• For the comparison to be made.

• So we are going to look for some similarities between Elijah & Jesus,

• And as a result we hope our study will give us a greater appreciation of Jesus!

Now The New Testament:

• Makes it clear that John the Baptist was ‘like unto Elijah’.

• So for detailed comparison we would have to look at Elijah and John.

• This morning we are going to take a broad look at Elijah and Jesus;

• And pull out a few similarities.

• Because John the Baptist and Elijah are so similar;

• The four things we shared at the last Word & worship could be used again (new points) .

Jesus and Elijah.

(1). They both fulfilled the meaning of their names.

(1). Elijah:

• Is a combination of 3 Hebrew words "E-li-jah"

• Ill: The Lord’s cry on the cross (Matthew 27:46); “Eli, Eli Lama sabach-thani”.

• “Eli” means “My God”.

• “Jah” is an abbreviation of “Jehovah.

• Put the words together and you get, "My God is Jehovah".

• Quote: Herbert Lockyer: “My God is God himself”.

In a land that had forgotten Jehovah the true God and replaced him with Baal worship:

• Even Elijah’s very name reminded the people of the true God that they had abandoned.

• And reminded them that Elijah was a man on a mission.

• Elijah means: "My God is Jehovah".

• Or: “My God is God himself”.

• So Elijah perfectly fitted his own name;

• It was an exact description of his life.

(2). Jesus.

• Whenever you take a name and translate it;

• The pronunciation changes but the meaning of the name remains the same.


• Mary is the English way of saying the Hebrew name Miriam.

• Carl is the German way to say the English name Charles.

• Anita is the Spanish way to say the English name Ann.

• Catherine is the Danish way to say the English name Karen.

• Whenever you take a name and translate it;

• The pronunciation changes but the meaning of the name remains the same.

The New Testament was recorded in Greek, not Hebrew or English:

• So a Hebrew name was translated into Greek and then into English.

• Ill: Bible versions with original names.

• The name ‘Jesus’ in Hebrew is ‘Y’shua’;

• When translated straight into English it becomes Joshua.

• Now however you choose to pronounce it; ‘Isus, Jesus, Joshua, Y’shua’;

• The meaning of the name never changes.

The name means:

• ‘Jehovah saves’ or ‘Jehovah delivers.’

• There can be no better name that accurately describes the mission that Jesus came to complete.

• The very reason that we along with millions around the world;

• Are in a place of worship this morning.

• Is because Jesus has ‘saved his people from their sins’.

• And by believing we have discovered ‘whoever calls on his name shall be saved”

• So both Jesus and Elijah had descriptive names that they fulfilled;

• And perfectly described the work that they had come to do.

(2). Both Jesus and Elijah performed miracles.

• Elijah performed 7 miracles that are recorded;

• Jesus performed 35 miracles that are recorded and;

• We know that Jesus performed many 100’s more miracles that are not recorded;

• e.g. Luke chapter 4 verse 40:

After the sun had set, people with all kinds of diseases were brought to Jesus.

He put his hands on each one of them and healed them

Question: Why are miracles important?


(a). Miracles are a basis for faith in Christ (John chapter 14 verse 11):

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