Summary: Another "J" in the series, this is the best sermon on Jesus as our Judge. Listen!

Jesus is our Lord, our King, our Savior, our Healer, Advocate, our Preacher and He is to have first place in everything that we do! In the Church, in our Homes, and and in our communities. He is the theme of these messages. The Bible says we are complete in Him. (Col. 2:10) Without Him, we are nothing. He wants us to submit to His authority. He asks us the question like to He did to His disciples, "Whom do you say I am?" And we say without any doubts, "You are Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living GOD!"

Today, we are sitting at the feet of Jesus, like Mary did, learning every thing we can about Him. His words can be loving but also, it can be very hard for us to follow. Sometimes they can be wakeup calls for us such as the one we see today. Jesus as our Judge! Jesus said, ""For as the Father has raised up the dead, and quickened (judged) them, even so the Son judged whom he wills. For the Father judges no man but has committed all judgement unto the Son . . . And He (Father) hath given authority to execute judgement also, because He (Jesus) is the Son of Man." (John 5:22, 27)

Jesus is our Judge, who judges for His Father in heaven. James 4:12 says, "There is only one lawgiver and judge!"

Matthew 12:36 says, ""Men will have to give an account on the Day of Judgement, for every careless word that they have spoken....Jesus again says, "For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it..." (John 12:47) This does not mean Jesus will not judge the world but He will as He speaks the truth in love.

Years later, Peter was preaching a sermon to Cornelis about Jesus and said, "He is the one whom God has appointed to judge the quick and the dead." (Acts 10:42) But everyone who believes in Him will receive forgiveness in His name. Jesus is our Judge and our Savior at the same time.

Paul is preaching in Athens, this very powerful message. In the past, God has overlooked man's ignorance, but now He commands that all people every where repent. For He has set a day when He will judge the world with justice by the Son of Man He has appointed." (Acts 17:30)

Imagine this, coming into God's courthouse to be see the Judge! We see His awesomeness, and don't speak! He now speaks to us, listening to every word. He will begin to tell us about our actions on earth and reveals our real character. We are amazed of all the things He has revealed. He will also judge all nations who have been true to Him. He said He would divide the sheep from the goats. We will begin to hear His words that are very crushing to the heart. "DEPART FROM ME FOR I NEVER KNEW YOU! and then the most beautiful of all these words. "COME YE BLESSED OF MY FATHER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!" Now we see what is truly happening, "Every knee shall bow and confess Jesus Christ as Lord."

CONCLUSION: Jesus is our Judge, all is final when He Judges -- no questions, no partiality and no bribes. Jesus will not be deceived. He knows the secrets of our hearts. You cannot run away from Him now. You cannot hide!

Years ago, there were thousands of people who came to see "The Pope" when He died. But when Judgement Day comes, Billions of people will come and see a very alive Jesus. You and me will be there as our Jesus judges the living and the dead. Is there any thing you must do before you meet Jesus? What a Day that will be when we shall see our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen.

Presented By Larry L. Vollink, Retired Chaplain/Pastor Cedar Springs, MI (616) 655-4129

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