Summary: Hebrews 2:5-18 presents the greatest brother you’ll ever know. Is he yours? Jesus Christ, God become man, Savior become brother, He’s come to give you glory!

The first book of the Old Testament tells us how God made man in his own image, and how man fell into sin and was separated from God.

The first book of the New Testament tells us how God became man (Emanuel), took on man’s likeness and image, and how God paid for our sins by redeeming us into a right relationship with himself through Jesus Christ.

Hebrews chapter one has told us about how God has spoken through the prophets in the Old Testament, but how he speaks to us today through his Son. Jesus is God, God the Son, become flesh – far above angels and far above Moses who was the greatest leader of God’s people in the Old Testament.

Jesus name is above all names. Last week we were challenged to speak the Name of Jesus to others. Talk about Jesus together. Speak about Jesus Christ with your friends, family and acquaintances. We saw a quote from the news that said that 44% of Americans today see no difference between the Bible, Koran, or book of Mormon. They consider them equal as messages from God. We said that you can talk about God, but not Jesus Christ.

The name Jesus Christ is politically and socially incorrect today. Once you say Jesus, you rule out all other Lords. Jesus Christ stands alone as the name above all names! After last weeks lesson, Mary Alice, who was visiting Orpha and Carol shared this with me. I asked her to write it down and she gave it to me last Sunday evening.

Leesburg Regional Medical Center is a moderate-sized, non-profit community hospital. In the summer of 2002 they opened their new Obstetrical (OB) unit and hosted an open house for the community to see this new section of the hospital. Hospital administrators asked the director of Chaplain Services, Pastor Danny Harvy to say the opening prayer. However, they asked Chaplain Harvy not to pray in Jesus’ name. Chaplain Harvy said that he could not pray without praying in Jesus’ name and suggested that one of the 30 volunteer chaplains on his team be asked to perform this duty. The 30 member team is made up of men and women from several different denominations and religions. Hospital administration insisted that Chaplain Harvy lead the prayer. Chaplain Harvy did indeed pray in Jesus name. This led to a 90 day probation and the Chaplain was asked to write a paper on Religious Diversification. He was told that his employment status would be re-evaluated at the end of this 90 day period. Leesburg is a small community and soon the news of this incident reached the community members. Many local churches organized a telephone campaign to inform hospital administrators that their hospital would be boycotted if this matter was not dropped. The pressure was so great that the matter was quietly dropped and Chaplain Harvy continues to minister to the sick and dying and their families in Jesus’ name.

That story demonstrates the point from last week. The name of Jesus Christ is not politically or socially correct today.

Why is Jesus name a threat?

First, because Jesus is God and he came here to claim his place as the one and only Lord and Savior of God’s people. He is God who became a man to save men from sin. Jesus Christ is exclusive. He stands alone in real time and space with the name above all names. There in no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12.

Second, Jesus shared our humanity and became our brother!

Hebrews chapter one declares Jesus’ divinity.

Hebrews chapter two hails Jesus’ humanity.

Now… let me ask you a question.

What difference does it make if Jesus became a man or not? And even if he did, is it really that critical that we believe it? Does heaven and hell really hang in the balance over this? In a word: absolutely!

To hear some Christians talk you might conclude that salvation is mostly about what you and I DO to be saved. (Not that our obedience is unimportant!)

Contrary to what you may think or believe, who Jesus is stands as the one central theme of God’s word. God and man are the two great characters around which all else revolves in the Bible. Jesus is God and man in perfect, ideal presence and character.

Today as we finish by looking in Hebrews chapter 2 we are introduced to how important it is that Jesus Christ – who was and is God – became a human being and shared in our flesh and blood nature. This theme will span the rest of Hebrews and call us to maturity in Christ as we apply the shadow of the Old Testament to the reality of Jesus presence with us as one of us, one with us, prophet, high priest, and king.

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