Summary: One’s level of God-pleasing courage is in direct proportion to one’s vision/comprehension of the Cross.

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Introduction: The burial of Jesus presents a strong picture of courage--the kind of courage that sets a dynamic example for all to follow.

Courage is defined as the ability to conquer fear or despair.

Theme: One’s level of God-pleasing courage is in direct proportion to one’s vision and comprehension of the cross.

I. Need for Haste (v.42)

A. Christ died at three P.M.

(Mk. 15: 33,34,37)

B. Sabbath would begin at six P.M.

(No work allowed)

C. Crucified bodies were either trashed

or left for vultures and beasts.

II. Courage Steps Forth For Jesus (v.43).

A. Joseph of Arimathaea

1. bought a new tomb in Jerusalem

2. member of Sanhedrin

3. good and just (Luke 23:50)

4. waited for the Kingdom of God

5. rich

6. did not vote for Jesus’ death (Lu. 23:51)

7. secret disciple (John 19:38)

B. Catalysts of Joseph’s Boldness

1. phenomenal events surrounding the Cross

2. darkness at mid-day

3. earthquake

4. torn veil

5. recognition of Jesus as the fulfiller

of Old Testament Messianic prophesies

C. (Eph. 1:22,23) Today, the body of Jesus

Christ is the Church

1. step forward

2. step forward boldly

3. take care of the Church

4. God can use the Cross to stir us.

D. Joseph of Arimathea--unashamedly committed

to Christ (v.46).

1. personally removed Jesus’ body from

the Cross

a. wrapped Him in fine linen

b. put Him in his new tomb (Mt. 27:60)

2. risked disfavor and discipline of the


a. their harsh reaction

b. losing friends

c. By having touched a dead body, Joseph

eleminated his participation of the

Passover Feast.

3. Mosaic Law considered him to be defiled

for seven days.

E. Courage of the Women (vv. 40-41)

A. Many were present at the Cross.

B. They did not allow fear to run them

away from the Cross.

C. (2 Tim. 1:8) "Be not thou therefore

ashamed of the testimony of our


Conclusion: The courage mentioned in our text is

desperately needed by all. Courage to

make an unashamed commitment to Christ.

Courage to risk even position, esteem,

wealth, and life. Courage to boldly

care for the Church, His body, and its

affairs. Courage to be a witness, with-

out guilt, for Christ--no matter the


Deuteronomy 31:6, "Be strong and of a

good courage, fear not, nor be afraid

of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is

that doth go with thee; he will not

fail thee, nor forsake thee."

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