Summary: If Jesus cared for his momma, we ought to care for ours too.

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John 19:25-27

Topic- Jesus cares for His momma

In these passage of scriptures, we see how Mary and the other women that were with her, watching her Son Jesus the Christ die such a very slow, cruel, painful, brutal, violent, bloody death on the cross. No doubt as Mary watched her Son Jesus die that slow, cruel, painful, brutal, violent, bloody death on the cross, she had flood of tears streaming down from her eyes. There is no doubt that Mary the mother of Jesus was in pain, in agony, in distress, was grief stricken, and was tormented as she watch her Son Jesus die that slow, cruel, painful brutal violent death on the cross. You see, Jesus had done no wrong nor had he committed any sin, but yet He was sentenced and condemned to die such a horrible death on the cross. In Acts 10:38, it tells us that “God had anointed Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost and with power, and Jesus went about doing good things, and was healing those who were possessed with the devil because God was with Him.”

No, Jesus never did anything wrong, nor said anything wrong. He never committed any sin, but He was treated like a hardened criminal. He was sentenced and condemned to die by crucifixion on the cross because the religious leaders hated Jesus with a passion. They hated Jesus with a passion because they saw Jesus as threat to their tradition, to their power structure, to their popularity, to their livelihood , and to their religion. So to get rid of Jesus, the religious leaders planned and plotted to kill Jesus. And as you can see in these passage of scriptures, they succeed in getting Jesus killed by crucifixion on the cross. But thanks be to God that Jesus did die on the cross because it through the death of the cross that our sins can be forgiven and we can receive eternal life if we receive and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

And while the religious leaders were gloating in the death of Jesus Christ, whom they saw as a trouble maker, Mary stood there with tears in her eyes, looking at her innocent Son, the one she use to take care of when he was a baby, the one she use to take care of when he was a little boy growing up, the one who grew up to be a fine young man, and now at the of 33 years of age, he has been condemned to die such a slow, cruel, painful, brutal, violent, death on the cross.

But yet while, Mary was in agony, in pain, and in distress about her Son Jesus dying on the rugged cross on Calvary’s hill, Jesus makes provision for her to be taking care of. Now notice this, while Jesus was suffering in agonizing pain, He was thinking about His momma. Now that is a lesson to be learned right here. The lesson is that no matter how much pain you may be in, Jesus is thinking about you. And the reason why He is thinking about you is because He loves and cares for you and He wants to bless you if you just trust in Him.

Not only was He was thinking about his momma, but Jesus was thinking about his beloved disciple John. He too was in agony, in pain, and in distress while he watched Jesus die that slow cruel, painful, brutal, violent death on the cross. John had left a well-paying fishing job to follow Jesus for 3 years. He heard Jesus teach many great things, seen him performed many great miracles, and now He is looking at the one who seems so invincible nailed to a rugged cross to die such a slow, cruel painful, brutal, violent death on the cross.

And while they both watched Jesus die, the scriptures says, “When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, “Woman, beheld thy son!” Then saith he to the disciple,“Behold thy mother!” And from that hour that disciple(John) took her unto his home.”

Jesus made provision for His mother to be taken cared of by the beloved disciple John because even though Jesus would rise from the dead in 3 days, 40 days later Jesus would ascend back to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father. And since Jesus would no longer be on earth, somebody had to watch over his momma and He picked John to do the job. Now notice something here. Jesus had some half-brothers and sisters that could have watch over their momma. You see, Mary had some more kids after she gave birth to Jesus. The difference was that when she gave birth to Jesus, he was born in a virgin birth wrought by the Holy Ghost without any physical, or sexual relations with anyone. But when she gave birth to the other kids, the other siblings of Jesus Christ, they were wrought by Joseph himself through sexual relations with Mary which means that Mary was no longer a virgin when she gave birth to the other children. But yet Jesus tells John to watch over his momma instead of his half brothers and sisters. Why? Well, number one they weren’t there with their mother when she stood there watching their half-brother Jesus suffering on the cross. Secondly, they did not believe that their half-brother Jesus was the Son of God. It wasn’t until after He risen from the dead that they believed that Jesus Christ, their half-brother whom they grew up and played with was the Son of God because the scriptures says in Acts 1:14 that they were included with the 120 believers along with their momma Mary in the upper room praying for the coming of the Holy Ghost, and only those who believed that Jesus Christ was the Son of God was in the upper room at that time. Now another lesson is to be learned here as well. If Jesus cared for His momma, then we need to care for our parents when they no longer can care for themselves.

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