Summary: God is present in every moment and in every event of your life.


During this time in history, weddings were week-long festivals. The entire week would be spent celebrating the new life of the married couple. Often the entire town was invited and careful planning was required to take care of all the guests. To run out of wine was not only embarrassing, but was considered to be a severe lack of hospitality.

I. Jesus Enjoyed Celebrations

Jesus was perfectly at home at a wedding feast. He loved to share in the happiness of others. There are somne religious people who shed gloom wherever they go. They are suspicious of other’s joy and happiness. Jesus never counted it a crime to be happy! Therefore, why should his followers do so?

II. Jesus Was Balanced In His Mission

Jesus Christ was on the greatest mission in the entire history of mankind. TO SAVE THE WORLD! Yet along the way, he took time to attend a wedding. We may at times, think we should not "take time" out from our important work for social occasions. For Jesus, this was a part of his mission as these occasions involved "people" and people are why Jesus came!

Allow balance in your life by bringing Jesus into times of pleasure and joy as well as in your work along the way.

III. Jesus Demonstrated God’s Power

God is present in every moment! Miracles are events that demonstrate God’s power. The master of the banquet stated (v. 12) that the best was saved for the last. Ar every moment, God is giving his best!

It was after this miracle (v.12), which was the first one performed by Jesus, that his disciples put their faith upon him. The manifestation of the glory of Christ is the great confirmation of the faith of believers!

Life Application:

John who was writing this account seventy years after the crucifixion of Jesus, had all of those years to meditate and see the great significance of Jesus’ life. You see, wherever Jesus went, and whatever Jesus did, his presence was like turning water into wine. If you truly want this new exhilaration, become a follower of Jesus Christ and he will make wonderful, lasting, and welcome changes in your life.

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