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Summary: 1. Who was the Son before time began? (Logos) 2. How did the Son come to earth (The Significance of the Virgin Birth) 3. Why did the Son come to earth (The Servant King).

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Jesus Christ: The Servant King

Pastor Grant van Boeschoten

July 1, 2012

Introduction: Why it All Matters

The Apostles Creed provides a place of unity of belief for all Christians

It is important that you know and understand the creed to know who shares our faith

The Apostles Creed differentiates itself from other religions by stating clearly that Jesus is God

You cannot be a Christian, and not believe that Jesus is God

John 14:6

The word Christian literally means, “Follower of Christ”

That's why a great deal of time is spend talking about Jesus, in proportion to the Father & Holy Spirit

It could be argued that the entire New Testament was written to make justify the claim that Jesus is Lord

Who is the Son before Time Began?

John 1 makes it clear that Jesus has always existed.

John 1:1-2

The word that John uses to describe Jesus is “Logos”

Pronounced LOH gohs

Logos means much more than just “word”

The Greeks had used the word to talk about “world reason”

The Hebrews used the word to talk about “wisdom”

John chose the word to show that God’s word is both a person and a message

Logos, is more than just the spoken word.

It includes the intent of the word.

It personifies and characterizes the speaker.

The Logos is alive, yet is faithful, trustworthy and true.

For example, when Jesus says “I am the way, the truth and the life”

The intent is that we would find salvation through no other path, there is only one way to know God

More so, there is no truth apart from Jesus. Because he is the Word of God, the Creator of the World, Jesus defines truth.

Furthermore, Jesus is the life. If you don’t have a living faith in Jesus, you don’t have the life that God intends for you.

He is your life now, and He is your life in the future for eternity.

Our lives on earth are fulfilled and lived for God’s glory when we become “followers of Jesus”

Our eternity is secure in heaven only through Jesus.

And that is just the intent of the word. Logos also personifies and characterizes the speaker.

God’s purpose for each one of us is not some abstract thing that we will never grab a hold of.

Instead, we see the life personified and lived out through Jesus.

We see him being the way, we see him living the truth, and we know that he lived the life that we should have lived, fulfilling every single aspect of the law.

Through Jesus we see the way, the truth and the Life

So the word Logos shows us the intent of the word, while at the same time personifying the word through Jesus. Finally, Logos is alive, yet faithful, trustworthy and true.

The word of God continues to speak to us, it continues to ring true. You read the words of Christ, and the Holy Spirit guides you and teaches you and these living words transform you.

From my studies this week, I would define Logos like this,

“The power of the Spoken Word lived out for all to see.”

That is what the Apostle John was getting at, when he used the Word Logos to explain who Jesus was to the reader.

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