Summary: Jesus collects those who know they have failed and changes them

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Jesus’ Collection of Failures.

reading: John 4:7-30

Today with the kind of drive for academic excellence which is being reflected in the requirements needed for even the most mundane of jobs. There are more and more people feeling and knowing that they have failed. More and more people are finding that they just cannot cope. From the first memories in childhood, people are conditioned to shoot for the sky. What is sad, is that all too often they do and fall back to earth where no provision of a safety net has been made. From here they discover they are dumped on the rubbish tip as rejects, not likely to succeed.

This is also found in relationships, yet it is nothing new. It was just the same in Jesus’ day, there were masses of people who had just been dumped.

One such woman was to meet Jesus at a well. He was tired, very dusty and thirsty. Her life up to this point had been a continual lurching from one emotional crisis to another. We don’t know what had happened to her first husband, yet she is to go through five in the coming years beforet his meeting with Jesus.

She knew plenty about marriage break-up, and the emotional scares that are left. Her scars were deep and painful, causing her to live with her latest man instead of marrying. Little realising that there is more pain that way.

Suddenly, one day at the well, a strange thing happened to her. A Jew spoke to her, not just any Jew, but a male, Jew and a rabbi at that was speaking to her a Samaritan woman. He spoke to her in away that portrayed His inner tranquillity and peace.

(John 4:7) “Give Me a drink.”

was his request. She tries to rebuff Him because of the so called differences of faith. Yet He is persistent, He tells her He will give her living water. This intrigues her, but still she tries to move on. Yet this man of peace say’s to her;

(John 4:14) “...the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”

Jesus cut right through the outer show case and got right to the heart of the problem. This woman was frightened, she was frightened of many things, but in particular, of REJECTION and DEATH. Both are related and both can be dispelled by Jesus.


This is the one thing that is guaranteed to come to all of us. It is also the one thing we prepare least for. Yes we do often take out insurance so that those left behind might not be left wanting. That is right and anyone who does not make provision for their family is described in the Scriptures in these terms;

(1 Timothy 5:8) “...if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than and unbeliever/infidel.”

Yet as for ourselves, we all too often push on regardless, with little or no though to the eternal. We hope that it will come right in the end, or push such thoughts to the back of our minds, hoping that it will not come to us, yet being frightening because we know it will.

Death is this mystical barrier that has baffled and frightened man throughout successive generations.

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