Summary: How would you define faith?

Let us continue to worship God by learning more from the Gospel of Mark. Open your Bibles there…. Remember that Mark was not one of the first 12 Disciples of Christ but became a useful minister with the Apostle Paul, who himself was not one of the first 12. Jesus started with 12 followers to expand the Kingdom of God on earth. Followers of followers of Christ were then called to continue the work of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God grew through the words of Jesus Christ passed on to people with the power of God the Holy Spirit.

Jesus directly taught the 12 Disciples and others including the apostle Paul. All of the New Testament authors wrote what they directly knew and learned from Jesus Christ. What we have in our hands in the New Testament are the thoughts and words of Jesus Christ! And we have noted from the Words of Jesus Christ in the beginning of Mark 4, the secret of the Kingdom of God is being given through Jesus Christ and His words!

As we learn more and more from God’s Word, the Kingdom of God will be more and more real in our lives and as we share Jesus Christ to others, the Kingdom of God will grow with new Believers of Christ! We still have the Bible today because God is protecting it and God is still in the business of expanding His Kingdom. How important is the Bible? The Kingdom of God will stop growing when the Bible is gone or has been so manipulated that it is no longer God’s Word but man’s words. We Christians today are called to be stewards of God’s Word to continue the expansion of God’s Kingdom! This is a promise from God! Will it happen or will we doubt?

Let’s learn from the last 5 verses of Mark 4….

Read along with me Mark 4:35-40……

What is the main lesson in this passage??

Jesus actually gives us a definition of faith in this passage! Let us start with what Jesus said at the beginning. If He is God, what was Jesus Christ saying in v35??

You’ve heard of the saying: “Jesus said it; I believe it, that settles it!” But if we really believe in Jesus Christ, whatever Jesus says, that settles it! Jesus said it, that settles it! We can note an application right here: A true believer of Jesus Christ will never question what Jesus says!

v35: Jesus said, we’ll go to the other side!

And so, what did Jesus’ disciples do??

The disciples followed Jesus’ instructions; the disciples got on their boats and started going to other side of the lake. Wasn’t that faith enough? We read that Jesus questioned their faith in the end. Faith is not just about starting to believe.

Now, v36-38: Who were in the boat with Jesus??

There were many, not just one, fishermen with Jesus! Where do fishermen spend most of their time??

How big was the storm over the boats??

The storm was so bad that fishermen in the boat (who are used to the water and weather) feared for their lives!

In the meantime, Jesus slept like a baby in a rocking chair!

Now, besides being afraid, what else can we note from the disciples’ statement when they woke up Jesus??

- They thought Jesus did not care!

- They still called Jesus “teacher”.

- They had hope that Jesus could do something!

v39?? Jesus Christ controls the weather!

What was Jesus’ main rebuke of His disciples??

v40: Jesus was teaching about faith!

Did the disciples learn what Jesus was teaching? – v41! The disciples were impressed of what Jesus did to the weather, instead of thinking about their lack of faith!

If Jesus was teaching about faith in this passages, how would you define faith??

Faith starts with the words of God (in this passage, Jesus’ words).

Faith is not just belief to begin with but seeing it through completion no matter if it seems it will not happen.

Faith is believing what God says and putting it to action till completion!

From 1 to 10 (10 being perfect), how would you rate the faith of the disciples in the boat??

In your own heart, from 1 to 10 (10 being perfect), how would you rate in your faith with Jesus Christ?

Did God understand the lack of faith of the disciple in the boat? How do we know??

Does God understands our lack of faith in some areas of our lives?

How should we respond to a loving God with our lack of faith??

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