Summary: Jesus + NOTHING ELSE = Salvation. If something else is needed, His words “It is finished” are incomplete, and more is required to redeem God's creation. It has always been about Jesus, and our words/actions must points others to Him!

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Jesus Does the Redeeming

Galatians, Part 5

Galatians 3:1-14


- Purpose of the letter

1. To teach

2. To correct

3. To point us to Jesus

- This letter was given to churches in Galatia who were young

- The teaching that Paul is doing here is admonishing them to change

- Chapter 2 brief recap:

-- Paul has to have an honest conversation with Peter

-- Note that Paul does not just decide to stir up things with the group

-- He doesn’t take cheap shots at Peter behind his back; but talks right to him

-- APP: This is a critical app for believers today; don’t sin and gossip …

- (Ch2, v17) We must realize who we are in God’s sight

• Sinners in need of a Savior (why?)

• Depraved without life (filled with death)

- This is why this letter is so poignant and in some cases, painful to a believer

• We must be willing to give it ALL to Him

• Not withholding any part of ourselves

• Else, we do not truly belong to Him

- Read Galatians 3:1-14

- Pray

∆ Point 1 – Following Your Own Law is Never Right (1-9)

- (v1) says, “You foolish Galatians …” CEV = “You stupid Galatians”

-- Paul’s admonition continues because of the need to see the church change

-- He is direct; often blunt; for the purpose of pointing others to Christ

- It is important that we understand who we are; else we will NEVER get Christ

-- This was problem with the churches in Galatia; they felt they were “the point”

- There was bad leadership that didn’t point to the cross

-- They agreed with whatever they heard, with no biblical basis

-- Literally, these bad teachers made it like they had the answers; bad doctrine

- IMP: The reason it sounded good (in case you were wondering) is two-fold:

1. They had forgotten that they saw (personally) Jesus crucified

2. They were totally infatuated with themselves (the heaviest to overcome)

- They weren’t able to let go of themselves; which is not easy = sin of PRIDE!

-- This second issue is really the one to focus on here; it’s not about them/us

- IMP: (v3) Again we see Paul stressing the NON-importance of “self”

- It is not about us, nor the Galatians, nor even Adam and Eve … but about God!

-- Even Jesus came to reveal the Father and the Father’s glory … not His own

- So, when Paul asks (again) who has fooled them -- he’s asking us too

-- APP: We need to see this honestly and ensure we are under biblical teaching

- The Galatians have been shown how to live, and what the Spirit has done

-- But, this is where their faith stops … and they begin to take over (v3-4)

-- Notice the reference again to Abraham: He believed and God credited him

- The Galatians were under Christ; but they were trying to do it by themselves

-- APP: This is the root problem; and really at the core of examination for all

- (v7) Christians need to remember that it is through faith we are justified in Christ

-- It is not something we’ve done; nor anything that we can ever accomplish

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