Summary: Jesus works through whomever and whatever is put at His disposal.


At the sight of the crowd, Jesus had compassion for them. Could any human solution be found to meet their need? Let us see what Jesus did?

I. The Need Was Obvious

By asking for a human solution(v.5 knowing that there was none), Jesus highlighted the powerful and miraculous act that He was about to perform. Barley loaves were the cheap food for the common people. They were like small buns. The fish would be like sardines today that were preserved and could be carried around. Seems like an impossible provision for thousands of hungry people, doesn’t it?

Do not let your estimate of what cannot be done keep you from taking on the task. God does miraculous things!!

II. The Provision Was Miraculous

Jesus usually worked through whomever and whatever was available to Him. Age is no barrier. The amount is no barrier. The only barrier is what we withhold from God!

Phillip said in essence, "nothing can be done." Andrew said in essence, "this is what we do have." Andrew brought the boy to Jesus and the miracle was accomplished.

You never know what will happen when you bring someone to Jesus. Little is always much IN GOD’S HANDS!

III. The Response Of The Crowd

Why did this crowd(vs.14,15) want at that point to make him a king? They liked Jesus because He gave them what they wanted. They visualized the Messiah in their own way. They saw Him as their ticket to freedom from oppression.

Another words, "If we can harness Him and take His power to our dreams and our plans and our desires things will begin to happen for us!" Does that sound familar? This same attitude prevails today. Many would like Christ’s gifts without Christ’s Cross and would like to use Jesus Christ(for their own selfish purposes)instead of allowing Him to use them(for the kingdom of God).

Life Application:

Jesus Christ will not be used! His kingdom is not of this world. He fully knows the human heart and desires honesty and humble submission to His Lordship. What did Jesus do? He met their need but would not yield to their pressure. Will you trust Him to lead you as you faithfully submit to the miraculous life changing power of our wonderful God?

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