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Greater that Moses

Reading: Hebrews chapter 3 verses 1-6.

The theme of the book of Hebrews;

• Ill: Plane - Is like a banner waving high in the sky, so high that everyone can see it:

• The message it contains is short but true: ‘Christ is superior’.

The first few chapters of this letter have already testified to this fact:

• Chapter 1: He is superior to the prophets.

• Because he is God’s final word to mankind.

• Chapter 1-2: He is superior to angels.

• They are created beings and he is the creator,

• And now as we break into chapter 3;

• We are going to see that Christ is superior to Moses.

Note: As Western Gentile Christians:

• We might see a move from angels to Moses as a step down;

• But not to an Eastern Jew,

• Because, Moses is set apart from all other Jewish prophets;

• To understand the premise, the comparison;

• We need to think about what we know concerning Moses


• Remember he started life and ended life in most unusual circumstances;

• At the beginning of his life, God miraculously protected him as a baby;

• And at the end of his life, God himself personally provided for his burial.

• And between those two miraculous points in his life;

• There are recorded for us miracle after miracle after miracle!

• Ill: Remember he was the man God spoke to ‘face to face’.

• He had seen the very glory of God (in fact for a brief time he reflected the glory of God on his face)

• Ill: He was the one who led the nation to freedom;

• He had led them out of the slavery and the misery of Egypt.

• Ill: He was the one entrusted to receive the Old Testament Law;

• (e.g. 10 commandments and the writer of the first 5 books of the Bible).

• In fact to a Jew Moses and the Law were synonymous.

• Even the New Testament often refers to the commands of God as the ‘Law of Moses’.

• Ill: It was Moses who gave the people the plans for the Tabernacle;

• Ill: And it was Moses who gave the people the plans for d the Ark of the Covenant.

Quote John MacArther:

• “Some Jews believed that Moses was greater than angels.

• God spoke to the prophets in visions, but to Moses he spoke face-to-face.

• He spoke to him in a burning bush.

• He spoke to him out of heaven.

• He spoke to him on Mount Sinai and wrote the commandments with a finger of fire.

• Moses was above all others, God’s man”.

So the writer of this letter wants to remind his readers that Moses was great, but Jesus Christ is even greater!

• For them going back to Moses and the Law would be a backward step.

• Ill: Looking longingly at a photo when you have the real person there.

• Because Jesus Christ has fulfilled the Law;

• For these Jewish Christians the entire system of Jewish religion came through Moses.

• But the writer wants to show his readers that something even better came through Jesus Christ!

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