Summary: Only Jesus has the power to change us. We all need a change. I am waiting on my change to come.

I want to know can God change me.

I am waiting on my change to come.

Ever lived your life feeling like something was about to happen!! Just something at anytime!

Today some of you got out of bed because you felt like something might happen here today.

Ever been encouraged, optimistic, hopeful

Deep down in your spirit you know Change is about to break loose in your life

How can this happen?

Resurrection power- not what happened to him?

But what happens to us as a result as to what happened to him

Listen you have to understand that

WHEN HE DIED- wasn’t a normal situation he died like no other man

The strongest of all of them, yet he died first

The custom was to break the legs of the ones on the cross, so they wouldn’t resist death but submit to it

Jesus died quickly they never had to break his legs to fulfill prophecy

WHEN HE DIED- there was an eclipse, that’s the way scientist would describe it BUT THE BIBLE SAYS the sun refused to shine

WHEN HE DIED- there was an earthquake that’s how the geologist would describe it BUT THE BIBLE says the earth began to tremble

WHEN HE DIED- there was a religious ripping away for the veil was ripped from the top to the bottom

WHEN HE DIED- graves opened all over Jerusalem and Luke says dead men were seen walking the streets of Jerusalem

WHEN HE DIED- even the guards fell back and said surely this is the Son of God

WHEN HE DIED- He died with such grace and power that conversions happened all around the cross


With that precious blood that flowed from his gapping wounds on his hands and on his feet that efficacious eternal everlasting blood has never lost its power neither demintated in its capacity

It still reaches to the highest MT

It still flows to the lowest valley

When he died He died once and for all so that 2007 years later

That same blood still has enough power to provoke a change

to deliver and to set you free

Do you know how much power God has available to change your situation right now?

Whenever you get in trouble and you go to someone for help

They can only help you according to the power they have

They can only help you according to their resources.

Little resources = little help

It doesn’t matter how much they love you

It’s not enough for you to tell me that God loves me I have been loved by people who couldn’t help me

You get happy about the love of I get happy when I talk about the POWER of God

It is awesome to fall in love with someone who loves you and has the power to perform how they feel about you.

If you ever knew the exceeding greatness of his power

You would walk through witches with your head held high

You’d walk through demons and not be intimidated

You can walk into a room full of people who hate you and just smile because you know what your God has said about you

Remember my brother and my sister

No weapon formed against you shall prosper and ever tongue that rises up against you he will condemn

Before you’d go under He will bankrupt the account

Before you’d go under He’d clap his hands and send angels to fly over you house all night

Before you’d go under he’d create a healing for the disease in your body

I wish you knew how much power God had for you

Thank him for that power

Suddenly I began to realize why people who do not understand God’s exceeding power need other powers

Suddenly I began to understand why nervouse people need a cigeratte

Depressed people need a drink

Burdened people need a joint

Because they need something that has power in it to help them make it through the day

Or to deal with the bad news

Or to confront the crisis

And they use these lesser powers because they have not encountered a greater power

But if you ever encounter the greater power of God the lesser power can not hold you anymore- PROVOKING a CHANGE

They cease to be exciting

You can date a cigarette

You can date a bottle of liquor

You can date a lover

Until you meet up with the power of God

If you ever knew the power of God you can’t go back to what you use to go with because it can’t hold you like it used to

Once you have had the best you can’t try the rest

1. There is power in His Name to change my situation

Phil 2:9-11

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