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Summary: Jesus has the spoken authority over death, disease and every other aspect of life. So why do we hesitate seeking his face?

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Illustration: Have you ever heard of the "Dependent Order of Really Meek and Timid Souls"? When you make an acrostic of its first letters, you have "Doormats." The Doormats have an official insignia--a yellow caution light. Their official motto is: "The meek shall inherit the earth, if that’s OK with everybody!" The society was founded by Upton Diskson who wrote a pamphlet called Cower Power. Swindoll, The Quest For Character, Multnomah, p. 44.

Argumentation: Folks I am not going to waste time explaining this one. But I will if anyone here honestly thinks that God telling us to be bold was a mistake or that it does not apply to you in every single aspect of your life. Anyone want to take a shot at dodging the bullet?

Application: Witnesses are martyrs (remember where the word witness comes from) for the cause of Christ pouring out their lives for the cause of evangelism. If they are not then trust me – they are not witnesses.

Transition: We see that “Believers wait too long to come to Jesus” and that “Believers try to keep their faith undercover.” Now we see, “It’s easier for a Believer to be bold not timid.”

4. Believers frequently do not trust the Word of God.

Explanation: Folks this one is a crying shame. People who want to call themselves Christians are in fact dabbling in the black arts and others activities just as damaging.

Illustration: About half of the Americans who are familiar with the New Age movement don’t take its teachings seriously, a third of them say New Age thought runs counter to Judeo-Christian teaching, says a new poll by the Princeton Religious Research Center. The poll also shows that the general population’s awareness of the New Age is low, but the number of Americans who adhere to New Age practices is alarmingly high, even among professing Christians. "Many who consider themselves good Christians nonetheless have engaged in practices that seemingly are counter to the teaching of their church," the pollsters said. Roughly half of all Americans say they believe in extrasensory perception. Thirty percent of Roman Catholics and 22 percent of Protestants say they believe in clairvoyance, while 48 percent of Roman Catholics and 44 percent of Protestants say they believe in psychic healing, the poll shows. The poll indicates that 25 percent of both groups believe the movement of the stars may help govern the affairs of men and women. Christianity Today, February 10, 1992.

Argumentation: Why and how is this possible? God’s word says do not be involved with witches, spiritualists, and mediums. Scripture is very clear about stargazing (in the sense of Astrology not Astronomy) not being a practice that we should be involved in. Why do supposed believers dabble in this sort of thing? Why do believers read the Horoscope? Oh, it’s harmless, it’s for entertainment. Oh really, why did God specifically say stay away from it. You know not to play in traffic or pick up a cobra. God’s word did not say don’t do that, but when he specifically said do not do this, why is it done?

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