Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The best defense of the faith is fulfilled prophecy. The prophecy of the atoning death, burial, and resurrection of Christ both affirm that Jesus is the Messiah and help us understand the nature of the atonement.

Jesus in 700 B.C.

Isaiah 53


1. There is a lot of unbelief out there.

2. Being phoney is an issue in many areas, including theology.

3. Many people think our beliefs are phoney: they think the Bible is anything but supernatural, that Jesus was a mere man who died never to rise again, and that early Christians made up the faith we profess.

4. The greatest defense of our faith is fulfilled OT prophecy. The book Isaiah was compiled about 700 B.C., and we have found copies from about 200 B.C. among the Dead Sea Scolls...it is in the Jewish Cannon, which is our OT....

5. Almost every important aspect of our Christian faith has its roots in Isaiah, not something Christian made up in the first century.

6. Isaiah speaks of a Messiah who would die for our sins. He also speaks of a Messiah Who would set up His Kingdom on earth. Some Jews, before and during the time of Christ, expected two Messiahs.

7. N.T. sheds light on this: One Messiah, Two Comings (lamb and lion); Hebrews 9:24-28....

MAIN IDEA: The Heart of the Christian Gospel is found in Isaiah 53; it is actually the clearest passage dealing with the nature of the atoning work of Christ on the cross in all Scripture!

TS-----------------> Let’s look at three themes that reveal the Gospel.

I. The Rejection of the Messiah (1-3)

1. Is. 53:1-3

2. Average looking: Judas had to single Him out with a kiss (at night)

---most of the Jews were neutral toward Him (not esteemed); it was a powerful few who saw to His crucifixion (despise/rejected/not desiring Him)

3. Not esteemed by His people

---John 1:11-13


4. Isaiah talks about a time when the Jews will respond & Christ will reign from Mt. Zion in Jerusalem

II. The Substitutionary, Atoning Work of the Messiah (4-6)

1. Clearly defined

(1) Ransom (redemption)

(2) Reconciliation (like a couple)

(3) Substitution

(4) Propitiation (Satisfaction)

2. The Physical Circumstances (7-10)

3. The Need for Atonement (10a, 11b, 12b)

III. The Resurrection of the Messiah

1. 10b w/8:18a

2. 11a, 12


1. In God’s eyes, acc. to Rev. 13:8, Jesus is the "Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."

2. Christians did not make up the story of the atonement or the resurrection to try to preserve the teachings of a great Rabbi who had been killed by the Romans...

3. They spread the truth about the Son of God who became man in the Person of Jesus Christ, who came to give His live as a ransom, Who is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world, Who rose again--all of which was announced by God centuries beforehand.

4. But it is not enough to know this. We are save by faith, not knowledge. We need to personally trust the Lord Jesus as our Savior by faith.

5. Repentance toward God

Faith: personal trust/taking God at His Word....Why should God let you into heaven?

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