Summary: Jesus did it all for us...He is Alive!

Holy Spirit Bless Us


Matthew 28: 1-10


In his book, Henry Morrison said, “The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the crowning proof of Christianity. If the resurrection did not take place, then Christianity is a false religion. If it did take place, then Christ is God and the Christian faith is absolute truth.”

For me as a Pastor, I believe this is the absolute truth. Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and He is ALIVE forevermore! Can I hear a loud Amen to that! Let’s shout… JESUS IS ALIVE! JESUS IS RISEN! AMEN!

Though admittedly, there are numerous articles that they want to disproved the Resurrection event. Many don’t believe this event because for them Jesus is a mere human being.

If they don’t believe that Jesus is completely human and also a God, for sure, it will be hard for them to believe the resurrection story.

Others, also buy the idea that Jesus’ body was kidnapped and therefore, no one could tell when his actual body was laid.

But, Praise God! For us Christians, we believe without any stain of doubt that Jesus Christ is alive…He is risen from the dead and He is Lord! He is my Lord!

He is alive…and alive forevermore. Jesus Christ does not exist with time because He was infinite and timeless… eternal. That’s who Jesus is for me.

How about you?

I know we believe in our hearts the Jesus is alive now, that is why we are here to commemorate and celebrate the RESURRECTION DAY! A very important day in the history of Christianity and in our individual life as Christians.

This morning I would like for us to examine the meaning of the word ALIVE…

JESUS is ALIVE and therefore at work in our affairs as human being created by Him and living for Him.

A is for ACTIVE.

Yes, our Lord and our God is Active in our day to day living. He is actively at work FULL TIME…not part time or On-call… He is in our business affairs 24/7…

Therefore, if we say that He is active in our life… the effect is… we should be living our life actively for Him and for our brothers and sisters in His vineyard.

He is alive, active, energetic …and so do we, if we allow Him to do so in our life.

If He is active, my friends, He knows your situation and is on the go to work with you in whatever situations you may have…

That’s how I describe who Jesus is… Alive and Active.

L – if for LISTEN

I can testify to that… He is not only ACTIVE but He LISTEN’S TOO.

Yes, our Jesus Christ is actively listening to us. He hears our every prayer even

Our cries…our complaints…our mumblings…our moanings and yawnings…

our triumphs and joys…

In fact, if you want to use His 24/7 0r Jeremiah 33: 3 communication line, He will always be there waiting for our call… He will surely listen and therefore, He knows what’s going on in our lives. He knows our affairs…our going in and our going out.

His radar and satellite is always clear… no static… no breaking… He hears us very vividly… very clear… and He understand every words we utter and whisper…whether you are brown, black or white… full of hair or even if you have HIV( hair is vanishing)… of even if you are toothless and so forth and so on…

He shows no partiality… He listens to everybody… Christians and non-Christians alike.

I believe, One of the reason why He was resurrected because still He wants to let us know that He still wants to listen to you and to me.

Draw near to God… start your intimate relationship with Him… Talk to Him before it’s too late.

I is for INVOLVE.

Jesus who is Alive and Active, the one who Listens is also Involve in our day to day living.

Can you imagine someone who just love to listen to us but doesn’t want to get involve in our undertakings.

It’s good as nothing. Jesus wants to be involved in all the details of our life.

In fact, He wants to take control of our affairs.

The problem is…we don’t want Him to do it… We want control of our life… We want to do our own way…

But the sad thing is… when we are on the edge or at the brink of danger or no way out situation… that’s the only time that we remember Him and allow Him to come in…But, the good thing is… Our God is always to the rescue… even though so many times we take Him for granted… He doesn’t mind helping us whenever we are ready for help….

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