Summary: Jesus is looking for a place to minister. If you’ll give him place He’ll minister in your house.

Introduction: Throughout the ministry of Jesus He went about preaching and healing the sick on the hillsides and by the sea. But now the Word says He was in a house, ministering in a more confined area.

I. Jesus was in the house.

A. Why was Jesus in the house?

1. The last verse of chapter one says; “Jesus could no longer openly enter the city, but was outside in deserted places; and they came to Him from every quarter.”

2. People came to Jesus because they needed His ministry.

3. The crowds of spectators began to be in the way of His ministry to those who needed Him.

B. Jesus was in the house to continue ministering to people.

1. The word spread that He was in the house.

2. People crowded in the place to hear and see.

3. They wanted what Jesus had to give.

C. Jesus is in the house today!

1. He’s here to minister to you.

2. He’s here to minister to the un-churched.

3. He’s here to reveal the will of the Father.

II. There is an expectancy when Jesus is in the house.

A. People want to be where Jesus is.

1. Things happen when Jesus is there.

2. People find forgiveness for there sins.

3. The sick are healed and delivered.

B. Jesus will be in the house when there is a place made for Him to minister.

1. Jesus’ heart is to be about the Fathers business.

2. Most churches are so structured in routine, they don’t give Jesus a place to minister.

C. Word of His presence will spread throughout the city.

1. When Jesus speaks people will hear.

2. When Jesus ministers lives will be changed.

III. When Jesus is in the house it will tear up your routines.

A. It will tear down your sacred cows.

1. Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers in the house of God.

2. Jesus did things on the Sabbath that He was criticized for.

3. Jesus will bring change to your religious routines.

B. When Jesus is in the house it will destroy the traditional church.

1. Jesus doesn’t want church as usual.

2. He doesn’t care how we look or when we come.

3. It’s not about Sunday morning, Sunday night, and a midweek service, it’s about a move of God.

C. When Jesus is in the house it will exalt God and make place for kingdom ministry.

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