3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: To show how God gave us a hero

“Jesus is The Mighty God”

We want to understand the power of God available through the Christ Child, who is the “Mighty God?”

Isaiah 9:6

Who is your all-time hero? Who is it that you look up to because of their character or accomplishments? Some may immediately think of a family member; a sports figure (Michael Phelps); a veteran; a star entertainer; or a leader. It will be different for you than me. I would hope that Whoever it may be for you, that Jesus wants to be your significant hero. Jesus is your Mighty God. The Hebrew meaning of this concept is that God is a conqueror. The term is used at least 156 times in the Old Testament alone. It is usually associated with a warrior who is such a strong victor that he becomes legend, known as a national hero. Therefore, God is a hero for each and every one of us in the birth of Jesus Christ. Think about how a hero is typically made and gain a deeper appreciation for Jesus being our Mighty, Conquering God.

We know that Exposure/Positive Press Makes Some a Hero.

A man who stole a lot of money was named B. D. Cooper and no one knows where he is but the press is sure of what he did. I have read that this is not even his real name. He jumped out of a plane with the money but no one has heard of him or found him.

1. Jesus did not get much “exposure” or positive press. Who was there when he was born? Who were told the news of his birth? What great light appeared when He was born?

2. No one important announced His entrance into human flesh. God sent an angel to tell where he was born but no human announced the event.


In chemistry, He turned water to wine. In biology, He was born without the normal conception. In physics, He disapproved the law of gravity when He ascended into heaven.

In economics, He disapproved the law of diminishing return by feeding 5000 men with two fishes & 5 loaves of bread. In medicine, He cured the sick and the blind without administering a single dose of drugs. In history, He is the beginning and the end.

In government, He said that he shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace.

In religion, He said no one comes to the Father except through him. So, who is He? He is Jesus! Join me and let’s celebrate him; He is worthy. Remain in God and seek his face always. Amen! In God, I’ve found everything! The Greatest Man in History.

Jesus had no servants, yet they called Him Master. Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher. Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today. Feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves us!

3. This Child born to us, the Son of God had so little worth mentioning on this earth that He entered life in a borrowed container and his body when dead was left it in a borrowed tomb. God does not do things the way man thinks.

4. Jesus did not fit in the first century’s version and is not the 21st century’s version, of a hero. Yet the bible says as told by Isaiah that He is the Mighty God!

What were his Accomplishments that we would say he is the mighty God?

Could the popular opinion of Jesus’ day say, “this great King of the Jews would never amount to anything significant"? His arrival announced by lowly shepherds; entering the household of a carpenter; enjoying only three visitors from the east instead of all the world’s ambassadors, all this is not as humanity says a king should be. He allowed Himself to be ridiculed by common men; remaining silent as a lamb led out to be slaughtered, this challenges what humanity says a mighty hero should be!

GOD’S ACCURACY--God’s accuracy may be observed in the hatching of eggs. For example, the eggs of the potato bug hatch in 7 days, those of the canary in 14 days, those of the barnyard hen in 21 days. The eggs of ducks and geese hatch in 28 days; those of the mallard hatch in 35 days. The eggs of the parrot and the ostrich hatch in 42 days. (Notice, they are all divisible by seven). The lives of each of you may be ordered by the Lord in a beautiful way for His glory, if you will only entrust Him with your life. If you try to regulate your own life, it will only be a mess and a failure. Only the One Who made the brain and the heart can successfully guide them to a profitable end. God’s wisdom is seen in the making of an elephant. The four legs of this great beast all bend forward in the same direction. No other four-sided figure is so made. God planned that this animal would have a huge body, too large to live on two legs. For this reason He gave it four hinges so that it can rise from the ground easily. The horse rises from the ground on its two front legs first. A cow rises from the ground with its two hind legs first. How wise the Lord is in all His works of creation! God’s wisdom is revealed in His arrangement of sections and segments, as well as in the number of grains. Each watermelon has an even number of strips on the rind. Each orange has an even number of segments. Each ear of corn has an even number of rows. Each stalk of wheat has an even number of grains. Every bunch of bananas has on its lowest row an even number of bananas, and each row decreases by one, so that one row has an even number and the next row an odd number. The waves of the sea roll in on shore twenty-six to the minute in all kinds of weather. All grains are found in even numbers on the stalks, and the Lord specified thirty fold, sixty fold, and a hundredfold, all even numbers. God has caused the flowers to blossom at certain specified times during the day, so that Linens, the great botanist, once said that if he had a conservatory containing the right kind of soil, moisture and temperature, he could tell the time of day or night by the flowers that were open and those that were closed! Thus the Lord in His wonderful grace can arrange the life that is entrusted to His care in such a way that it will carry out His purposes and plans, and will be fragrant with His presence. Only the God-planned life is successful. Only the life given over to the care of the Lord is safe. As seen in Thisnthatnographics

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