Summary: Easter Series examining the question of whether Jesus is the only way to God

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John 14:1-11 – Jesus is the only way to God – True or False?

Have you ever been confused by a person from another religion who tries to convince you that what they believe is right? We’ve got a big dog who is fairly protective of our yard. She has a huge bark and would be big enough to keep most people out of our yard. Well one day, Deanna was at home alone and saw some JW’s walking up the street. She wasn’t in any mood to enter into a lengthy discussion and so she slipped Ellie out into the yard and quietly closed the front door. Needless to say, she didn’t get a visit that week.

It is so confusing isn’t it when you are confronted to another belief. And it is frustrating when you don’t have all the answers – often we don’t even have as many as the person you are talking to. Well tonight, I want to try to answer the question – Jesus is the only way to God – True or False. This is the second in a series of messages. 3 weeks ago, we looked at the questions. Jesus is God’s Son – True or False. We looked at all the incredible things that he did and came to the clear conclusion that he was no ordinary man. No ordinary man could heal people like Jesus did. No ordinary man could have power over nature like Jesus did. No ordinary man, could have power over Satan and his demons like Jesus did. No ordinary man could know the future like Jesus did. And no ordinary man has ever come back to life after being dead like Jesus did. It was clear that Jesus was who he claimed to be – God’s one and only Son.

Listening to the Son of God

Now, that is nice, but what has it got to do with Me you say. Well if he is God’s Son, he comes with some amount of authority on the matter of God. Therefore if we want to know about God, it is worth hearing what Jesus says. If you have your bibles, there, I’d like you to turn with me to John 14. The setting is the Last Supper. The mood is somber because Jesus has just been predicting that he was about to be betrayed by one of the 12 sitting around the table sharing the last meal with Jesus. The disciples were questioning - is it me, is it me. I’m sure it won’t be me – It’s Simon – That’s who it is. They are starting to get a bit frightened. What would happen to them if Jesus was arrested. They’d just invested 3 years of their life following this teacher around and now he talks of going off and dying.

Some weren’t scared though. Peter stands up and says, I’ll never leave you – I’ll fight to the death and Jesus says – No you won’t. Fight – you won’t even have the guts to defend me before women. Yes I will says Peter. Oh Peter, you don’t know, but you’ll deny me 3 times before the sun rises. Talk about letting the wind out of your sails.

Now Jesus starts to speak – Read with me from vs 1-11.

These are well known verses – “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” But what are these saying … I am the way, the truth and the life. The way to what? The truth of what and what is this about the life. Look back a couple of verses. Jesus is talking about heaven. He says, in my Father’s house are many rooms … I’m going to prepare a room for you and will come back and get you. To this, Thomas asks, “Where are you going? How will we know how to get there?” How do we get to heaven? How do we get to God? Thomas asks

And Jesus says - through me … “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

So let’s recap … If Jesus is God’s Son (and 3 weeks ago, we found that all the evidence points to that fact) ... So, if He is God’s Son, then we need to listen to what he is saying about God and here in John 14, he is saying that the way to God is through Jesus.

Fantastic, point proved, case closed, let’s have the last song and go home …

The Difference between “One” and “Only”

But hang on a minute, we haven’t proved anything. We’ve just proved that Jesus is one way to get to God. Our question was, Is God the only way to God. If you went out and talked to any of your mates at work or neighbors, I’d bet that they would be more than happy to accept that Jesus is one way to get to God. But just you try saying that Jesus is the Only way to God. Being One way is no threat, Being the Only way is a huge threat.

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