Summary: Only Jesus satisfies the Soul. Looking at people who realized that nothing else matters but you Lord.

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Intro: my Mom’s motto was never leave the table hungry and we never did. But sometimes when I went to friends homes they gave out enough to feed a bird. So many times I would come home and raid the refrigerator because I was starving. In life there are times that you just gotta have more. Today, we will look at four people who were not satisfied with their lives, and how Jesus was able to meet the deeper needs of their heart and soul.


I. Nicodemus–John 3 The story of Nicodemus coming to Jesus needs to be put in proper prospective today. Nicodemus was one of the head religious men of his day. He was trained in scripture, knew the law inside out, and enjoyed great status as one who knew God. But here we see him coming at night for a personal interview with Christ.

What did he say, Jesus, I’ve gotta have more than religion. Today, you may be here, been in church all your life, and need to have a personal interview with Christ at these altars. You may need to tell Him you are dissatisfied with the way things are going, and that there has got to be more than this.

A. Religion doesn’t satisfy because–it may give you a great standing with others, but not a true standing with God. Nicodemus realized his position with men didn’t matter anymore, what he wanted was his position with God to be right. Today, everyone may say you are a great Christian, but like Nicodemus, if your standing with God isn’t right, then wherever you are standing is wrong.

B. Religion doesn’t satisfy because-knowing things in your head isn’t like feeling things in your heart. For Nicodemus it had all become stale. He was tired of getting up in the morning, putting on his robe, and being a somebody in the religious circles, but feeling an emptiness.

C. Jesus gives him more–Jesus gives Nicodemus what he needed. A new life, a new birth, a new beginning. Jesus let him know it was Spirit not flesh. Jesus gave him something that would satisfy the soul. Jesus gave him true salvation which was good news. In the middle of the night Nicodemus found the light of the world.

II. Samaritan Woman–the lady at the well is one of the great stories in scripture. Here is a lady, a Samaritan, who were despised by the Jews as a mixed group. Jews who had married foreigners in the Northern Kingdom after the Assyrian invasion. In her meeting with Jesus she tries to explain he shouldn’t be talking to her, that he had no ability to get water without a bucket, and that she knew all about worship. But after Jesus introduces living water that never runs dry, something that will satisfy your soul forever, she realized she needed Him, more than He needed her. She said, I’ve gotta have more.

She had spent her life in bad relationships, and learned that relationships cannot satisfy.

A. Relationships do not satisfy because–they are water that runs dry. Now I am not putting now the blessing of marriage or other relationships, because they are God given. But without Christ in our lives, every other relationship will leave us empty.

B. Relationships do not satisfy because–there is hurt, rejection, fear and a lot of other things attached to them. Only Jesus can give pure, agape, perfected love. A love that loves at all times, a friend that sticks closer than a brother. No greater love than this.

C. Jesus gives her more–he gives her forgiveness of sins, he gives her purpose in sharing Christ, he gives her a living testimony of life transformation. She never knew the well was the starting place of her ministry.

Ill) I love the story of Billy and Ruth Graham reaching out to Jim Bakker. After the fall of P.T.L. people deserted Jim Bakker because of his sins. At the prison one day, Jim was told he had a visitor, it was Billy Graham. Many people do not know this, but when Jim Bakker was released from prison, He stayed with Billy and Ruth Graham, and from that place his ministry was restored. It doesn’t matter how far we can fall, what matters is how high he can lift us.

III. Zacchaeus–Luke 19:1-10 It is always great when a Tiger Woods, a Donald Trump or a Bill Gates comes to Jesus Christ and says, I’ve gotta have more. You may say, does that really happen, it did in the case of Zacchaeus. If you read scripture you find that he was probably one of the riches men in town. He was hated as a tax collector for Rome, but even so, He was wealthy. As one song goes a wee little man was he, he had to climb up a tree to see Jesus passing by. But since Jesus saw that Zacchaeus wanted more, Jesus stopped so that he could get what he needed.

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Dr. Marc Axelrod

commented on Apr 21, 2007

I LOVE the Billy Graham illustration! Awesome!

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