Summary: Recognizing the Kingship of Jesus.

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Last week began a series focused on the question: Who is Jesus?

· Began with solidifying the basis that the Scriptures reveal the true nature of Christ to us… The testimony of Scripture is both historically grounded and living. We meet Christ both in fact and in mystery. To know him is both a reasonable and spiritual process.

· Now three weeks… help us see Jesus through a prism of 3 broad descriptions. Many names / titles / descriptions… but most tie back to three core roles that have always been a part of man’s spiritual perceptions… prophet, priest, and king. These three have played a unique role in human history… which God has fulfilled in Christ.

· This morning… perhaps the least natural… Jesus as KING.

As Americans… the whole idea of a king is not only a bit foreign, but perhaps even negative. After all, our whole country was birthed in declaring ourselves as sovereign from the king of England… Boston Tea Party… no taxation without representation…

In our cultural relationship to the notion of a king… we’re rebels to the core.

We must grasp…

The ultimate meaning of monarchy… which the rule of a king reflects

Achein / archy refers to ORDER… monos = one > One sovereign order

> There is one ultimate source of sovereign order to life

> The whole Biblical testimony is that of God revealing His sovereign order… reclaims the rule over creation as we know it… makes know the process of redeeming a world being ruled by other powers.

> From God’s point of view… we all have a king, that is, some source consider holds sovereign rule… that can be our provider and protector… and as such we give our allegiance to… often an unspoken allegiance. It may be our parents, employers, government… perhaps most often… ourselves. God knows the consequences… and it’s to this he seeks to reclaim us. Let’s catch a sweep of how this unfolds…

· Begins with Covenant – “I will be your God… you will be my people through whom I bless (save) the whole world.”

· This process intersects with a world ruled by kings… as has been the case through much of human history… While we may think of the evil and oppression of kings… in truth… the rule of kings has represented both unrighteous and righteous rule… both oppression and exploitation as well as justice, peace, and prosperity.

· Earthly kings become a type of the more ultimate spiritual reign of God’s sovereignty and blessing… of the justice, peace, and prosperity that flow from His reign.

· God allows the people… once settled into the land, to have a king… but contends that they might lower their eyes from His own sovereign order… as they settle into earthly pursuits.

· King David captures the fruit of righteous rule… small on a world scale… but central to envisioning what God had in store.

With a longing to enjoy such righteous rule… and subsequent peace once again.. God begins to speak to the prophets of His plan…

Isaiah 9:6-7

For to us a child is born,

to us a son is given,

and the government will be on his shoulders.

And he will be called

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

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