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Summary: In his exchange with Pilate Jesus revealed some important aspects regarding the nature of His kingdom.

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John 18:28-40

1) Jesus’ kingdom is one of integrity (28-32). Vs. 28-‘by now it was early morning’. Think of the fact that this had been going on all night. Some of you may have pulled ‘all-nighters’ before. At this point Jesus has already been up for 24 hours and the worst is yet to come. Think about how you might be feeling at this point. The Jews had been conducting this illegal trial all night. They made sure they conducted this trial during a time when most would be home and in bed, none the wiser about what was going on lest someone detect and object to their evil schemes. “The Jews wanted to avoid ceremonial uncleanness”. Ironic-they are conducting an illegal trial yet here they are concerned about being ceremonially unclean. Matt. 23:23-28. The religious leaders represented God. Therefore, in essence they represented the royalty of God’s kingdom. They were poor representatives of that kingdom. They lacked integrity. What about us? Do we compromise in big areas but staunchly hold to “lesser” areas? Are we more concerned about looking clean than actually being clean? Scandalous events involving royalty bring shame to the kingdom. Kingdoms suffer when its subjects are a poor representation of the king. Vs. 30-“If he were not a criminal”. They evaded the question because they knew they wouldn’t have an adequate charge that would be sufficient for Pilate to sentence him. Do we evasive when someone asks us certain things? Do we change the subject? Do we justify, rationalize or minimize? “What charges are you bringing?” The fact is they had nothing. Matt. 26:59 says their plan was to present false evidence so they could put him to death. They had what was in their mind the charge of blasphemy but they knew that wouldn’t matter to Pilate. They were under Roman rule so the ability to enact the death penalty was out of their control. They had to make false accusations of Jesus being a threat to Caesar in order for Pilate to take them seriously and grant them their wish of putting Jesus to death. This shows their lack of integrity. Making false accusations and having bitterness and hatred toward one another are not welcome in the kingdom of Christ. Making false accusations against the king won’t work in the kingdom either. Like the Jews did with Jesus, people today “bring false charges” against God. ‘Why did God allow this to happen to me? When is God going to bless me?” Thus they bring a charge that God is unfair. “Why does God allow all this evil in the world? If God is so ‘loving then why does he send good’ people to hell?” Thus they charge God with being a hypocrite and being cruel. Just like the Jews, we have no basis for bringing charges against God. He is not guilty of any wrongdoing. We just need to realize we have a lack of understanding. We need to say as Pilate did in vs. 38, “I find no basis for a charge against him”. King Jesus’ life was marked by morality and integrity. Those in his kingdom are to be characterized by the same. Jesus’ kingdom is one of integrity.

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