Summary: This outline focuses upon the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

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Jesus: Master & Lord

John 13:13

In this one verse of Scripture, we learn two important truths about Jesus. These two truths are reinforced by many other passages of Scripture.

I. Jesus is Master.

A. Although there are seven different Greek words that are translated as "Master" in the KJV New Testament, the word Master is here derived from the Greek word "didaskalos," which means “Master Teacher, Rabbi, Rabboni.”

B. Jesus was referred to as a Master by the following parties:

1. A certain scribe (Mat. 8:19; Mk. 12:32)

2. The Pharisees (Mat. 9:11)

3. The scribes and Pharisees (Mat. 12:38; Jn. 8:4)

4. The Publicans (Mat. 17:24)

5. The Rich Young Ruler (Mat. 19:16)

6. The Pharisees & Herodians (Mat. 22:15-16)

7. The Sadducees (Mat. 22:23-24)

8. A Pharisaical lawyer (Mat. 22:34-36; Lk. 10:25)

9. His disciples (Mk. 4:37-38)

10. Some from Jairus’ house (Mk. 5:35)

11. One of the multitude (Mk. 9:17)

12. The Apostle John (Mk. 9:38)

13. James & John (Mk. 10:35)

14. One of His disciples (Mk. 13:1)

15. Simon Peter (Lk. 7:40)

16. Andrew & John (Jn. 1:38)

17. Martha (Jn. 11:28)

18. Mary Magdalene (Jn. 20:16)

C. Jesus referred to Himself as Master in the following New Testament passages:

1. Matthew 10:24-25; 26:17-18

2. Mark 14:13-14

3. Luke 6:40

4. John 13:13-14

II. Jesus is Lord.

A. The word "Lord" is here derived from the Greek word "kurios," which means “Sovereign Owner & Master; one who sovereignly rules, authoritatively governs, or exercises dominion as a king.” When one repents and believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, he enters into the kingdom of God’s grace and becomes a subject of King Jesus (I Cor. 12:3).

B. After Christ’s resurrection, this word became equivalent to the Old Testament Hebrew word YHWH or Jehovah (I Pet. 2:3 cf. Ps. 34:8), so it came to refer to the deity of Jesus Christ (Jn. 20:28; Acts 2:36; 10:36; Rom. 14:8; I Cor. 7:22; 8:6; Phil. 2:9-11).

C. Jesus is referred to as Lord in every New Testament book except I John and III John. In his writings, the Apostle Paul referred to Jesus Christ as Lord approximately 250 times.

D. No Christian in the New Testament ever addressed Christ simply as "Jesus" (cf. Mat. 26:71; Mk. 1:23-24).

E. Jesus referred to Himself as Lord in the following New Testament passages:

1. Matthew 7:21-22; 10:24-25; 12:8; 21:3; 22:41-46; 24:42; 25:37,44

2. Mark 5:18-19 (cf. Luke 8:39); 11:3

3. Luke 6:46; 19:31

4. John 13:13-14,16

Jesus is Master. As Master, He is to be believed at all times. Jesus is Lord. As Lord, He is to be obeyed in all things.

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