3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This sermon explores Jesus’ role in cleansing us before the Father.

Jesus our Advocate

Hebrews 8


Big time trials have become a media event. Many trials, to a lesser or greater degree, have had their verdict rise out of media attention. The real advocacy wasn’t necessarily before a judge and jury but before a microphone and video camera. Can anyone finish this sentence? “If it don’t fit, you must ________!” You didn’t hear that in the courtroom. You heard it on the media. I imagine there has always been a proper trial as well as an out-of-the-courtroom trial. Maybe both lawyers advocate for their client in the judge’s chambers. Maybe the jury gets compromised somehow. Many times you hear of a person who was convicted of a crime only to be cleared years later by the DNA evidence. How frustrating it must be for a person wrongly convicted if it was because his lawyer was not advocating for him in the right arena. The prosecuting attorney has an audience with the judge, but the defense attorney is writing his closing argument in his head instead of relating to the judge. What’s the problem there? You have an advocate who is not advocating.

I. There is a problem – The Old Covenant is not effective (v. 7)

A. Jeremiah Prophecy ( vv. 8-12 // Jer. 31:31-34)

1. The new prophecy will not be based on outward demands. It will be written on the heart 10a

2. There will be an intimacy with the new covenant that is not there with the old. 10b-11

ILLUSTRATION: You don’t have to treat a child like a dog and leash him up every time you go out, because you know that a child delights in his parents. He wouldn’t think of running away.

3. Forgiveness will be complete. 12

B. The Priests of the Old Covenant served in a shadow of what is real.

II. Jesus is able to solve the problem – Jesus is sitting in the place of authority in Heaven – He has the ear of the Father

A. He is advocating for our innocence.

ILLUSTRATION: The OT Priests asked, “May the blood of this goat or ram or bull satisfy you, God.” Jesus demands it. If my son, when learning how to drive runs over the neighbors fence. Someone has got to pay the damage. I may choose to pay it all. If I do, then the neighbor has no right to claim damages against my son. If she sees him drive alone 6 months later after having received his license and flags him over, holds him until the police arrive and says, “He owed me 250.00 for damaging my fence.” I will come and show the repaired fence and the receipt for the repair and say, “I have already made this right.” Jesus shows his wounds and says, “I have already made this right.”

B. He is bringing to fulfillment the end times.

1. The End times began with Jesus’ ascension

2. The End Times are being controlled by Jesus

a. Jesus opens the scrolls in the book of Revelation

b. Jesus’s life and ministry, especially the last week were guided by him to fulfill scripture.

CONCLUSION: Jesus has chosen to make himself a worthy sacrifice for my sins.

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