Summary: We hear people often describe Jesus death upon the cross as an attonment for our sins but what does that mean exactly. We will explore in this sermon "Jesus Paid It All"

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Jesus Paid It All

Matthew 27: 35-46


• Tonight we are going to continue reflecting upon the cross of Jesus Christ and His suffering in particular.

• It’s in the darkness of the suffering of Jesus that we understand the truth of God’s wonderful Grace!


• I can remember not to long ago driving to NH and coming up to a toll booth. I took out my money but the person was waving me through? I did not know what was going on so I rolled down my window and the man said that the car in front of me had paid the toll for me! I was free to press on with my Journey because the toll had been paid!

• The same is true with Jesus Christ, he went before us and paid the toll so you and I could pass through and continue moving forward toward our destination, Home!


• Jesus really did pay it all, Not some, Not a partial payment plan, Jesus paid it all.


Tonight I want to share with you what it means that Jesus paid it all!!!

1. Jesus Bore our Shame

2. Jesus Bore our Disdain

3. Jesus Bore our Pain


If you will open your bibles to Matthew 27:35- 46 we can begin…

I. Jesus Bore Our Shame (Matthew27:35-38)


Lets take a moment to look at the shame Jesus faced

• Vs. 35 - “When they had crucified him” - This verse starts in such a casual way you almost miss what has transpired.

o Crucifixion was the most shameful way a man could possibly be put to death.

o The one who was to be crucified was to carry the cross on a path as to be noticed by as many as possible

o Crucifixion was reserved for the worst criminals

• Vs. 35 - “They divided up his clothes by casting lots” – Jesus hung almost completely naked.

o Not only did Jesus have to hang nearly naked but He also had to do it in front of the people He loved most.

o Jesus hung naked in front of those whom He taught about His power.

• Vs. 37 - “Above his head they placed a written charge against him”

o This statement was a mocking one, to show the world Jesus was a fraud.

• Vs. 38 - “Two robbers were crucified with him”

o It was not enough that the prince of peace was crucified, that he was naked, that they placed a mocking sign over His head; they now placed Him between two criminals.

There is NO response from Christ in Matthews Gospel, NONE!


I don’t know about you but when I see injustice being perpetrated it makes me angry! I want justice; I want to see the bad guy suffer. It is natural to want justice and it was the response of Christ on several different occasions (woman caught in adultery, Temple) yet here as the shame is perpetrated against Him He is silent?


• So why then did Jesus not respond, He did not respond because upon the cross He took our shame in order that we would not have to be ashamed any longer.

• Tonight are you ashamed? Ashamed of your sin, your walk with God or you lack of commitment?



Jesus not only bore our shame he also bore our…

II. Jesus Bore Our Disdain Matthew27:39-44

EXPLAINATION: Let’s take a moment to consider the disdain of the cross:

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