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Summary: Jesus- Prince of Christmas-Prince of Peace Sermon #3 of series Characters of Christmas This sermon speaks to how the days surround Jesus’ birth were anything but peaceful and so are our lives at times but Jesus brings the needed peace.

Jesus- Prince of Christmas-Prince of Peace

Luke 2:1-14

In Isaiah the Bible calls Jesus our Prince of Peace.

And most assuredly ....He is just that

Isaiah 9:6 says

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

The days and events just surrounding the birth of Jesus seemed to be anything but peaceful.

Consider with me the


The fact is that a census

( A Counting of the people)....was being taken.

It would have required Joseph to travel back to the town of his ancestors and there ...to record his name, his property, his occupation, and his family.

Now not only did this census require Joseph to make a journey but many others had to follow this order.

The trip for most would have been less than peaceful.

If you are a parent of two or more children you have likely experienced trips that were less than peaceful.

Hearing things from the back seat of your vehicle like:

“are we there yet”

“He’s touching me”

“She’s looking at me”

“He is on my side of the seat.”

Honestly some trips just are not very peaceful.

The event of the census .....certainly brought more challenge and difficulty to many people than it ever could have brought them peace.

The census was not an optional thing.... it was a must go situation.

How many of us can account for instances in our lives that were not surrounded with peace and yet they were MUST GO situations.

Many here today can remember “The Draft” -during the days of Vietnam our friends, our family members and the average age of the combat soldier was 19.

It certainly was unpeaceful from the courthouse where some burned their drafts cards...to the Hochimin trail and Vietnam beyond where many gave their lives .

It was a time where peace was greatly needed and many without option had to go.

Right now many loved ones and family members have been called up and made ready to go to Iraq -

A place where we hope things are beginning to change for the better but still a place where the situation is still very much in need of peace.

The Romans could have cared less about the difficulty and challenge this brought to peoples lives. The Romans did not care about bringing peace to the lives of those "others" around them.

The challenge to us this Christmas and everyday...is this:

have we taken the Roman approach to Christmas or the God approach to Christmas.

In the wake of all that is going on this holiday season...are our actions dispensing peace to the lives of others or are our actions dispensing that which takes away from peace in the lives of others.

Jesus is the prince of peace and we as his loyal people of the Kingdom of God...I pray this Christmas....that we might be people of Christ placing into the lives of those around us peace rather than unrest.


Bethlehem that first Christmas would not have been a peaceful place.... no doubt many would have been gathered there amongst the hustle and bustle of that place that would become a most special city.

Sometimes we ourselves ....are the reason that we miss out on the real meaning of the season of Christmas.

Oh how we need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

The streets of Alton and Jerseyville and the Galleria at St. Louis are all filled with noise crowds and clamoring.....

Much like Bethlehem when Joseph and Mary arrived that first Christmas.

For you and For Your Family let Christ be the Prince of Peace in your Christmas.

The family needs!...YOU NEED!...... to partake of real peace.

Sit down and read the Christmas story all alone just yourself out of the Bible.

If you have children at home sit down with all the family if they are young children read it out of a children’s version that tells the true meaning of Christmas if you need to.

Find a peaceful time ...to spend time together just as a family walking or driving around looking at Christmas lights for a little peace.

And as you do remind one another as you look at those lights.... remind one another that Christ is the light of the world....who brings peace into the world.

Jesus as the light of the world came to lead mankind out of the darkness of sin. To bring peace where sin had brought problem. TO bring hope where sin had brought hopelessness and to bring light into the darkness of mankind.


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