Summary: Jesus predicts Peter's denial. These verses give us three harsh realities and three promising truths.

- This section comes right after a couple verses about being conferred a kingdom and the ultimate victory that kingdom will experience. In the meantime, though, there are the challenges of real life.

Three Harsh Realities in this Passage:

1. The reality of false confidence.

- Luke 22:33-34.

2. The reality of struggle.

- Luke 22:31 (“sift you as wheat”).

3. The reality of failure.

- Luke 22:32 (“. . . faith not to fail. And when you have turned back . . .”).

Three Promising Truths in this Passage:

1. Jesus has Satan on a leash.

- Luke 22:31 (“Satan has asked”).

2. Jesus intercedes for us to the Father.

- Luke 22:32 (“But I have prayed for you, Simon”).

3. Your stumble doesn’t make you ineligible to be used by God.

- Luke 22:32 (“And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”)

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