Summary: Jesus sees us for what we are in Him

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Jesus said, “I saw you”

An elderly Christian lady, who was crippled with arthritis, used to hobble to the services of the church on crutches. It was a great ordeal and required of her a considerable amount of toil and pain. A friend of hers observed her regular and faithful attendance and asked, "How do you manage to be at every service?" Her answer was, "My heart gets there first, and my old legs just follow after."

After reading any of today’s newspapers or watching TV is it little wonder why many are cautious about meeting new people. No doubt Jesus could have given in to the temptation to doubt people’s intention. Yet we see He maintained a positive attitude toward every person He met. Jesus looked at people’s ability because He knew they were all made in the image of God. Christ’s love helped Him look for the best value in people, regardless of their background. We want to discover how Christ’s attitude will make better our relationships by choosing to look for the good in people. Have you told someone this week, “I like you?”

John 1: 46-51

1. Jesus took time center on people’s strong points rather than their weak point. The Lord was a master at human analysis. He was aware that people are much more open to someone who sees their positive features rather than their shortcomings. When Jesus first saw Nathaniel approaching He said of him, "Here is a true Israelite who is sincere." The Lord knew how to begin any relationship with a positive affirmation that would remain a solid basis for a lifetime. “Come and see.” This was the best way to answer Nathaniel. He did not sit down to reason with him, or wonder about the possibility that a good thing could come from Nazareth; but he asked him to go and examine for himself, to see the Lord Jesus, to hear him converse, to lay aside his prejudice, and to judge from a fair and candid personal inquiry. So we should request others to lay aside their narrow-mindedness against following Christ. If men can be persuaded to come to Jesus, all their insignificant and unwise doubts will break down. They will be satisfied from their own experience that it is true, and in this way only will they ever be satisfied. Only Jesus can satisfy. My children don’t be discouraged, for I am by your side, No matter where you run to, or where you try to hide. I am with you always and I will forever stay, closer than your shadow, both through night and day. I love you so much, I even sent My Son, so come to me child, before the day is done. I know your heart is heavy and you just want to cry; as you cry out in the silence, saying, "why oh why. Did this happen to me because I am mortal man?" I assure you child, this was also in my plan. You don’t see it now and you may not in earth’s long day, but I assure you my precious one, that all will be okay. I know that sometimes the load is hard to bear, but I am right beside you, your heavy load to share. Lift up your fainting heart; put your trust in me, as I cradle you gently calling "come now to me." My child, I love you, more than words can tell, Can’t you hear me whisper in the storms mighty yell? Do not be discouraged; I am always near, your every whispered word, I so long to hear. Lift up your countenance, seek my loving face, I love you my child and will discouragement erase. Come to Me, My beloved, know that I am nigh, I will always listen to hear your heartfelt cry. Come to Me, My child, I am by your side, No matter where you run to, or where you try to hide.

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