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Summary: The Red Bits, what follows Jesus said are the most powerful life altering words you ever hear. you can also listen at www.preaching.co.nr

I want to encourage us as a Church to spend time in the “red bits of the Bible.” The “red bits” are generally preceded by the grammatical necessity “Jesus said.” What follows “Jesus said” are the most powerful words ever spoken in human history and if received by faith they can have life changing power to set you free from sin, sickness and Satan. The “red bits” provide wisdom and guidance to live life to the max and to live life as God intended. The “red bits” bring to us revelation about God and His eternal plan.

I want to spend time looking at what Jesus said to His Disciples, His Father, the Devil, the Sick and the Religious. As I said last time it is those who have ears to hear that hear what Jesus is saying.


In Matthew chapter 4 we read how Jesus while walking beside the Sea of Galilee, began to say to fisher men, “come and follow me”. In Matthew chapter 9 he said to a tax collector “follow me”, in John chapter 1 Jesus said to Phillip “Follow me” and at some time in your life Jesus said to you “come and follow me.”

Something important to remember about the circumstances of Jesus saying “follow me”, there were lots of fishermen, tax collectors and many people following John the Baptist, however, Jesus only said “follow me” to those whom the Father had given to Him (John 17:24)

This call to follow Jesus has been going out to the world for over 2000 years. It is basically the message of the Gospel and should be at the heart of the teaching of the Church. (1John 2:6). What is of paramount importance is the response to the call to follow Jesus, for over 2000 years people have been rejecting this call and following their own way. (Prov 14:12) Others have followed.


Without hesitation, without procrastination they immediately left their nets, their family, their occupation, their future and began to follow Jesus.

The power of the Gospel is instant. IMMEDIATELY we are forgiven, we are set free. Prolonged deliverance and sin searching compromises the power of the Gospel, either God has the power to forgive and free or He hasn’t I firmly believe GOD HAS THE POWER. You are a New creation not second hand with old bits left over, you are totally Born Again.


This was not a call to Salvation this was a call to Service. The call to follow Jesus into Salvation is the greatest miracle you will ever receive and don’t forget it or be robbed of the joy of Salvation. (Is. 12:3, Ps. 51:12)

The call to follow Jesus into service maybe the greatest challenge you will ever receive.

It is costly to follow Jesus, you may not lose you life following Jesus, but Jesus makes it clear He and His kingdom must come first. (Luke 9)

The call to service is often challenged by our hesitation and procrastination which opens the door of our hearts to fear and doubt that makes us think “I can’t”, “I won’t”, or “It’s not God.” IMMEDIATELY they followed Jesus into service, when we respond positively to the call to service IMMEDIATELY we will receive power to serve. When we IMMEDIATELY obey, take the step to follow, decide to serve IMMEDIATELY whether seen or unseen we will receive what we need, it may be wisdom, it may be faith, it may be revelation or it may be a miracle. I know this. God equips His saints.


God is in the business of making us and changing us to be what he wants us to be, “I will make you fishers of men.” If you are going to follow Jesus you can’t stay the same, you now follow a different King and are building a different Kingdom. Don’t resist God’s changing of your life, don’t stay the way you are today, your life is subject to moral decay, God’s changing is taking you from one degree of glory to another, every day we submit to God’s work in our lives making us more and more like Jesus.

God called you to change you. Jesus said “unless you change and become like little children you’ll not see the Kingdom” (Matt 18:3)


Paul speaks about “the cause of the Gospel” Phil 4:3, these disciples who said yes to Following Jesus became God’s instruments of Salvation in the world, they became the commissioned ones, the heralds of the Gospel, bearers of the Good News.

We have today the greatest Cause of all to live for; the Salvation of your household, street, town, nation and nations. A Cause is only a Cause if you Care about it. We must care about the Salvation of those around us.


You decide who you will serve and if it is God He will provide whatever you need.

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