Summary: Jesus reveals Himself in numerous ways

Do you know anyone who talks about people behind their backs? Have you ever been guilty of snickering about what another person does, but quietly, so the person won’t hear? As Jesus’ friends returned from the village with provisions they saw Him talking to a strangely dressed woman. It was obvious, even from a distance that she was different. That she was a Samarian. They wondered about it but no one called Him on it. Jesus saw things from an eternal perspective and He was concerned for her and is concerned for us even today.

1. Jesus revealed Himself to the woman

A. He told her that He was indeed the promised Messiah (V. 26).

B. He revealed that He knew things about her which only she knew (V. 18).

C. At the least He was a prognosticator, at the most His personal testimony was true.

D. It was a big deal whenever travelers passed through a village. In those days travelers brought news from out of

town as well as stories about their adventures on the road.

2. Jesus’ presence results in a revival

A. She may not have fully understood what the Lord was telling her but she was excited enough about the visitor

to call her neighbors.

B. The townspeople got excited about the stranger too. He claimed to be the promised Messiah. Was it possible?

She shared what He had told her and said to them, come and see.

C. When was the last time you told someone about the change Jesus has brought about in you?

3. His disciples still lacked understanding of His spiritual mission

A. In the same way you might prepare for a job interview, Jesus was concentrating on the approach He would use

to speak to the villagers. It often takes me days to get my thoughts organized enough to preach a sermon.

B. He answered their natural concern spiritually. It appears as though in spite of the time they spent with Jesus

they just didn’t understand Him when He spoke of spiritual things.

C. He used hyperbolae and parables to get His message across. He exaggerated and constructed stories to help

His hearers understand spiritual things and their implications.

4. Jesus instructs His disciples in the basics of evangelism

A. First and foremost Jesus was committed to completing His mission. God sent Jesus into the world to be your

Kinsman Redeemer and mine.

B. Evangelists have spoken of Christ as our Savior and He is, but only those who accept His offer and make Him

their Lord can be saved.

C. Some people tell others about what Jesus has done in their lives more by how they walk than by what they say.

This is called lifestyle evangelism.

D. Many refuse to believe at first but later change their minds and come to Christ. Most never do and will spend

eternity in Hell.

All the Old Testament prophets spoke of the day of the Lord. John the Baptist introduced God in the flesh to the world. Jesus told His disciples that they would be used to multiply all the evangelistic work that went before. This same truth applies to us today. Have you shared the gospel with anyone this week?

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