Summary: Interactive Sermon for kids about Jesus’ baptism


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Today we will be talking a lot about water.

What do you know about water?

Today we will be talking a lot about water and us.

What kinds of things do you like to do in water?

Today we will be talking a lot about water and where we find it in the Bible.

What Bible stories do you remember that have water in them?

Who did what with water in the Bible?


The story about water in the Bible that we will focus on today is found in Matthew 3. Jesus was about to begin His ministry on earth. Jesus was about to begin to travel around and teach, heal, and do miracles among the people. Yet, before He could do all of that, Jesus stopped at the Jordan River and met up with a man named John the Baptist.

* Does anyone know who John the Baptist was? [explain, play off their answers]

* What did John the Baptist wear? Where did he live? [explain, play off their answers, looked like the prophet Elijah]

You see, John the Baptist was preparing the people so that when Jesus began to preach and teach… they would be ready to hear His message. John the Baptist talked a lot about sin, forgiveness, faith in God, and other messages that helped prepare the people to listen to Jesus… because Jesus would talk about some of those same things!

I want you to imagine that you are John the Baptist. You are teaching the people about what sin is and how to forgive others. You are doing your best to make sure that when Jesus, the Messiah, begins His ministry that the people are ready. You are teaching. You are speaking out. You are baptizing people so that their sins are washed away.

And all of a sudden, among the crowd… is Jesus. You see Jesus. He is in line to be baptized in the Jordan River!

* What would you think if you were John the Baptist? [allow answers]

* What would you do if you were John the Baptist? [allow answers]

READ Matthew 3:13-14

“Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John. 14 But John tried to deter him, saying, "I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?”

The Bible tells us that John the Baptist tried to “deter” Jesus. The word “deter” means to discourage someone from doing something. The word “deter” means to try and prevent someone from doing something. For example, Your mom or dad might deter you from walking into the street without looking. Or, your teacher might deter you from talking during a test. John the Baptist did not think Jesus needed to be baptized by him.

* Why do you think John the Baptist tried to “deter” Jesus from being baptized? [allow answers]

> Jesus was God > John did not feel worthy

> Jesus did not sin > John was not sure what to do with Jesus standing there

I want you to now imagine all of this from Jesus’ perspective. You are the Son of God. You know that the time has come for you to begin to preach and teach and heal and do miracles among people. You know that because you are God, that you do not have any sin… so why would you want to come?

The answer to that question is the whole reason we are here this morning.

The answer to that question is the point of our lesson today.

READ Matthew 3:15

“Jesus replied, "Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness." Then John consented.” Jesus understands that John the Baptist is not sure why He is there. Jesus tells John two important things. Jesus says:

“It is PROPER” = everyone say PROPER

* What does the word “proper” mean? [allow answers]

> right > good

> appropriate > doing what you should do

“to fulfill all RIGHTOUSNESS” = everyone say RIGHTEOUSNESS

* This is a hard question: What does the word “righteousness” mean? [allow answers]

> right towards God > something that God likes

> doing what God wants

We see from Matthew 3:15 that Jesus was baptized for very important reasons. The first one Jesus mentions is because it was the right and good thing to do. Jesus was showing us the right and good thing to do by doing it Himself and being an example for us. The second one Jesus mentions is because it was the right and good thing to do for God. Jesus will later explain and one of Jesus’ disciples will later explain (John 3, Acts 2) that God wants us to be born again when we place our faith in Jesus. Jesus was simply showing us WHAT to do when we make that important decision to accept Jesus as our Savior.

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