Summary: Jesus is not asking the Jews to become expert judges of one another– far from it. He is instructing them (and us) to know who it is we should worship; and when we worship, to do so properly without our own views inserted.

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Jesus Teaching at the Temple

John 7:1-24


- The gospel of John screams of the faith that we should have in Christ

-- It is the clearest example of living life FOR the one who redeemed you and I

- Today we will see two different stories played out before us:

-- The first deals with Jesus’ family (half-brothers specifically) and what they think

-- The second is specific regarding the message (teaching) of the Messiah

- Both of these can be difficult to digest, so hang on and we will walk through it

- Read John 7:1-24 / Pray

∆ Point 1 – The Feast of the Tabernacles

- This feast began on the 15th day, seventh month, following Yom Kippur

-- Since the Passover was discussed in John 6:4, it’s likely this is 6 mo. later

-- The feast is extremely important in Jewish culture; Re: rituals were critical

-- Represents the Israelites commanded to conduct a pilgrimage to the Temple

- But, notice that many want to go to the feast but Jesus did not

-- Public outcry and perception of who Jesus is would’ve been in full swing now

-- Many already want Him dead, but still others wanted what He offered

- John wastes no time in ensuring we know that the rebellion is underway

-- In v1 we see that the Jewish leaders clearly want to kill Him

-- Re: He represents a change to their system and the things they hold dear

- Jesus’s younger half-brothers, still not believing who He is, goaded Him to go

-- They were literally tempting him in v3 … go and let them see who you are

-- Additionally, they are tempting (v4) Him with public praise to be had

-- They don’t really believe He is the messiah, and it shows in their words (v5)

- However, their intentions were not for sharing the salvation He offers

-- He would’ve known this which is why Jesus challenges their response

-- The primary issue is the time for things to be done; Re: God will not be rushed

- What Jesus is referencing is that it’s already decided when He will g0

-- True, He has already been showing others He is the Messiah; the Christ

-- But at this time, at this place, it is not time for Him to attend publically

- Re: Jesus has been speaking and condemning the world since His first day

-- He has already challenged everything that society holds dear to its heart

-- IMP: Jesus is STILL challenging society which is why so many reject Him

-- It is also why so many in the church today STILL reject what He says

- Jesus says, you boys go on – it is not my time to attend (v8)

-- This certainly would’ve shut down their challenge to Him to go

-- APP: They wanted Him to go put on a show … and He was not buying it

-- However, we see in v10 that Jesus does go – just not publically like they wanted

- Does this mean that Jesus was in fear for His life? Absolutely not!

-- What it means is that He knew it was not time for Him to be present

-- He went to see what the reaction was … to what they said about Him

- IMP: This was not a popularity contest for Jesus

-- Nor was He trolling the crowd looking for pats on the back for his ego

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